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help please with downloading pics

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i am having the same problem as 2belle

I use the same camera same setting etc....... i can post pics on other forums but not here any more, whereas i used to be able to on here........

I so want to show you the nappy cake i have made.

I put .jpg in lower case which is shown but next to it it is also in upper and no matter what i try and i cannot rid of the upper.

this is so annoying grrrrrrr


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Hey Oli dude,


Just to say I have figued out a very simple way for me to upload files. All I do is attach my file to the browse box, then I delete the JPG capitals in the file name and change it so it's lowercase and upload. It works and I only figured this out this aftenoon!


Hope this will help some others, as it is sooooooooooooooooooooo simple too


Natalie x


Dito Natalie, that's what I do too. Just couldn't get my head around doing it the way people tried to very, very patiently talk me through doing it :lol:

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