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Invite your children on an Easter egg hunt with this delightful set

What you need...
  • Paper
    Pom poms
    Pen, fine, black
    Relief paint
  1. Easter Basket - 1 Copy the template onto coloured paper, then score all the dotted lines with a pointed tool against a straight edge. Cut and fold, then glue the side tab and join the edges together. Glue the base closed.

    2 Trim a rectangle from contrasting paper and glue it inside. Cut a strip of paper for the handle and stick inside the basket. Glue a pompom on the side for a tail, then add facial details.

    3 Decorate the handle with tags or embellishments and add flowers and adhesive gems. Finish with dots of relief paint.

  2. Easter Card - 1 Make a blue blank, faced with a deeper blue and a yellow semi-circle attached at the base. Cut nine egg shapes from contrasting paper. Using a fine black pen, draw decoration randomly over the eggs. Glue them along the edge of the yellow circle, saving one for the bunny’s tummy.

    2 Attach the motif, copied from our pattern, to the card with craft foam pads, then add a message to the top of the card. Finish with dots of relief paint to highlight.

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