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Keep your tootsies toasty during winter with these festive slip-ons

What you need...
  • Glitter felt
  • Red two-way stretch heavyweight jersey or cotton woven fabric
  • Fusible curtain buckram
  • Curtain interlining
  • Red 2.5cm wide bias binding
  • Feather trim
  • Size: Fits 5-6
  1. 1. Using the templates provided on the pattern pages, cut out two pairs of soles and one pair of upper slippers from red fabric, two pairs of soles in fusible buckram, and one pair from interlining. Finally cut out one pair of uppers in glitter felt. Make sure all the notches are marked onto the fabric pieces.

    2. Fuse the buckram to the wrong side of both pairs of red fabric soles with an iron, then place the interlining soles in between what will become the inner part of the soles and the outer uppermost sole. Pin all the layers together, then edge stitch all the way around.

    3. Divide the upper slipper parts into two sets, with one felt and one red fabric each. Stitch the two layers of each upper together, right sides facing, around the concave curve with a 5mm seam allowance. Turn the pieces right side out and under stitch on the red fabric pieces. Edge stitch the two layers together around the outer edges.

    4. Match together the centre front notches of the uppers to the soles, making sure that the outer and inner edges of each piece are matching; this is indicated on the templates. Match the ends of the uppers to the notches on either side of the soles. Pin the pieces together round the curve, then edge stitch the pieces together.

    5. To finish the outer edges of the slippers, the bias binding needs to be stitched in place over the raw edges of the soles and uppers. Starting at the inner edges of the slippers, position the folded bias binding 5mm in from the line of edge stitching, then edge stitch the bias binding around the outer edge. As you approach the starting point, trim the binding with enough excess to fold in the raw end and to slightly overlap the starting point of the binding. It is a little tricky to stitch around the curved ends but take your time and try not to stretch the binding too much.

    6. Fold the binding over onto the underside of the soles and position the remaining folded edge over the stitching line, securing this edge by hand slip stitching. To complete the slippers, cut two lengths of feather trim to measure around the opening to the slippers and hand stitch in place.

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