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Teddy Bear Calendar

Designer: Helen Fitzjohn
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Get organised with Helen Fitzjohn’s adorable planner

What you need...
  • Carpe Diem Mini Planner stickers
    Winsor & Newton Promarkers
    Cardstock: thick white, thin white, various colours
    Frame with a removable inner
    Adhesives: 3D foam pads, double-sided tape,
  1. Calendar - 1. Take the calendar panel templates from the pattern pages and print them onto thick white cardstock. With a lightbox, add the months using Promarkers. Make sure you pick the panel with the right number of days for each month. Cut small coloured squares of cardstock, 2.5cm, and attach to the top of each panel. Print the bears out onto thin white card. Colour them in, cut them out and stick them onto each month.

    2. Add the Mini Planner stickers to decorate your frame. Fill each month with birthday reminders. At this point, you can laminate the months and then use a dry wipe marker pen to add appointments, which can then be wiped away.

    3. The calendar can be displayed in two ways. The first is by punching a hole at the top of each month, attaching a small eyelet and thread, and tying to the top of your frame to create a flip style. Alternatively, use the removable clear inner panels supplied with the frame. Add doublesided tape to the month and stick it to the centre of the panel.

    4. To create an A4 calendar, enlarge all the templates and stick each to black mountboard. Punch holes at the top of each month, attach an eyelet and thread in each, then put on a large metal keyring.

  2. Birthday Card - 1. Take the card template and print it out onto white card. Colour the teddy bear in, then cut the square background away. Cut a piece of white cardstock the same size and shape as the template, then add 5mm strips of coloured card to the centre.

    2. Using 3D foam pads, add the teddy bear panel on top so the stripes fill the square you cut away. Add a happy birthday sentiment, then fix coloured strips and dots to the front. Finish by attaching gems to the teddy bear’s jumper. Stick the card to a 7cm x 14.5cm blank.

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