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Slow cooker recipes anybody?

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Oooh I only just spotted this thread!


My slow cooker is donkey's years old and only has one setting. I use it mostly for bean stews (yes DH does all the jokes, if its been stew what is it now etc etc), not a particular recipe just a chuck in whatever I've got type stew. I soak three of four types of dried pulses overnight, boil them fast for 10 mins then drain and put in slow cooker with a tin of tomatoes, chopped onion, some carrots, swede, sweet potato, pearl barley, or whatever is around, a stock cube and bouquet garni and top up with boiling water. If I'm puting mushrooms in I wait till nearly the end before adding them or they disintegrate. Its always good and tasty whatever the combination! I aded a teaspoon of Marmite last week but didn't tell DH till afterwards as I'm a Marmite lover and he hates it. Sometimes I add Worcestershire sauce or a few drops of tabasco. He said it was tasty till he knew what was in it!


I shall certainly try some of these recipes too, there are some lovely ones posted on here. I was going to do a turkey drumstick in it this week but the darned thing is too big! It will just have to go in the oven instead...

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Just waded through this thread and picked up some lovely recipes, thank you paperkate. Also thank you to Stacey27 for recomending the site.

I have a slow cooker which I use all the time in the winter, but mainly for batch cooking for the 2 of us. Some of the things I make are beef bourguignonne, goulash, bolognaise soups stews and I love a gammon done in apple juice.

Well will have to try the rice pudding, it sounds delicious.

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