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Slow cooker recipes anybody?

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Ooooh, I've just found this thread!


I love my slow cooker - I have the big size, for our big (ish) family of 6. I love doing stews, leek and potato soup, whole chickens, and the slow cooker rice pudding is the nicest I've ever tasted.


I love it all being so easy - but don't really do recipes as such - just throw everything in and hope it tastes ok :lol:


Jules x

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Another slow cooker fan. Yeah!

We tend not to do major recipe slave things, but it does help to get started.

Don't know about you Jules but I find herb and spice flavours tend to disappear a bit in the cooker, so I increase the quantity of garlic or herbs as necessary to get the flavours coming through.

Also find that root vegetables do better than greens which go too floppy for my taste.

Have you tried sweet potato in stews? Yummy!

We recently had to buy a new slow cooker - we'd had it ten years and the glass lid handle was breaking up! Our new cooker had a higher wattage and the food was cooking so fast it was spoiled on our old timings (usually 8-10 hours to cover a day out in the hills!)

So we married the new pot to the old power unit and all is well again. Our old unit was 160 watts and the new one was 190 watts. Amazing what a difference it made!

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Thanks Rachel.

The old base was the correct power setting for us and the new crock fitted perfectly. So problem solved. Thanks for the tip though.

How did you get on with the chick pea and lentil stew?

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