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Slow cooker recipes anybody?

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I have just bought a 4 in one rice cooker which has slow cooker functionality, this was to replace the 3 in one when the bowl went out of shape.


I have only ever used the rice cooker function, or once the steamer but I would like to try slow cooking, the chicken with 40 garlic cloves sounds possible on my restricted diet but I don't know that a chicken would fit in mine!


I have a few recipes that came with it. I usually have to adapt recipes to only include what I can eat, sometimes I just can't.

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Good luck with your 4 in 1 rice cooker Cazzy. Sounds really useful.

Hope you get some slow cooker recipes you can use off this thread.

What are your diet restrictions like anyway?

I have loads of slow cooker recipes, if you are looking for anything in particular!

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Hi Kate,


I am intolerant to so much, suffered IBS for years. I also have had allergic reactions to preservatives and additives.


I can't tolerate wheat or any grain except rice, not even corn/maize. I haven't been able to eat fruit for years, but I am over the holidays as I really think I need it, so suffering a bit but not as bad as it could be. Tomatoes have been out, have brought me out in rashes before now, also peppers and aubergines. I love all the stuff I can't eat.


Nuts and seeds have caused problems in the past, but I am trying to eat nuts, boy I am a glutton for punishment, or maybe just a glutton. Pulses also cause me problems.


I have a severe problem with yeast which is in so many things. I don't drink tea, coffee or alcohol, only herbal pure herb tea as the fruit ones have flavourings usually and I have reacted to them, I also drink still water.


So when I eat out I have to ask for plain food, no sauces of any kind but butter and herbs are fine.


I don't drink milk, but I do eat yogurt and cheese. I eat as much organic food as I can find, rice milk, rice cakes, puffed rice (only contains rice), rice pasta...... I eat lots of fish but try and stick to non farmed fish, organic chicken and no other meat.


A lot of this is tied to my thyroid probs which I am sorting, so things may get better.


Apart from that food is great!

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Gosh Cazzy,

Such a long list of foods that give you problems, and all the yummy ones too.

Eating out must be really difficult for you.

At least home cooking is the best for you and you can make healthy choices there too.

I would find it very difficult to go without fruit and veg. And nuts and seeds!

Good luck in your quest for OK foods!

Any good with couscous and buckwheat? - I think they are supposed to be gluten free!

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I can eat veg but not the ones mentioned. I can't eat cous cous, it is made from wheat and I tried buckwheat but it was no good sadly.


I am happy enough, but have to cook all my meals, I do a big rice cooker full and it lasts me for a couple of days or three eating it twice a day.


Going out poses a problem, we are going out to Chinese tonight, but they do steamed seabass so as long as they don't add soy sauce or anything else I should be fine with that and boiled rice.

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