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Correction: Puds egg cosy, issue two page 46

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We've discovered an error in the Puds pattern text from issue two, the pattern should read as follows:


Measurements and sizes: Fits standard egg cup


Puds Pattern:


Using dark brown yarn cast on 40sts and work 4 rows in garter stitch

Row 5-15: Work in st st, starting with a k row

Row 16: purl, at the same time increase 8 sts evenly across row (48sts)


Change to Topping colour


Row 17: (k4, k2tog) rep to end (40sts)

Row 18: (p3, p2tog) rep to end (32sts)

Row 19: (k2, k2tog) rep to end (24sts)

Row 20: (p1, p2tog) rep to end (16sts)

Row 21: (k2tog) rep to end (8sts)


Break yarn and thread through remaining 8sts.


To make Holly:

Using green cast on 8sts

Row 1: p3, (inc1) twice, p3 (10sts)

Row 2: knit

Row 3: k1, (yrn, k2tog) 4 times, k1 (10sts)

Row 4: knit Row 5: p3, (p2tog) twice, p3 (8sts)

Cast off


Fold Holly leaves in half lengthways then in half again along folded edge, and sew along seams to form shape.


To make Berry:


Cast on 10sts

Row 1-3: st st

Cast off


Roll up long ways and gather top and bottom to form Berry.


Make up:

Sew side seam of Pudding using loose ends.

Attach Holly & Berry to top of Pudding using loose ends.

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