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Let's Get Crafting Beads Out Now! (29th August 2008)

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a bit of a late join in on this issue.


I made the 3 strand wire necklace, but left off the bit hanging on it, as I thought it didn't really go, and it looked really pretty without.


I didn't get round to getting a photo of it, and I've since given it to my sister.


I've painted some of the leaf beads with silver glitter nail varnish to make them look less plasticcy (but was really impressed with the general quality of the beads in the mag. I sort of expected them all to be a bit cheap looking but okay for a play, and lots of them are really nice, and they're all well finished, so YAY.)


and I made this necklace.


I've also painted some of the hearts with red glittery nail varnish (just normal glitter size, not chunky size like the silver) and they look lovely, but I've not yet thought what I'll do with those.



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how often do they do these magazines? I've seen the paper one, which I might think of dabbling in, but mostly I'm interested in the beading type stuff. if they do another one with beads, I'll definitely get it again.

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Hi Galena,


Let's Get Crafting comes out about every six weeks, with a different craft / theme every issue. There's eight issues a year. There is another beading one in the pipeline so keep your eye out in the new year!


Glad you enjoy the mag!



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