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Let's Get Crafting Beads Out Now! (29th August 2008)

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Great makes there Sardine, can we expect to see an entry in the challenge? :-)

I'd love to see what everyone else is making with the LGC kit too, beading is a favourite craft of mine so i'm really interested to see what you've all created with it.


Golden Hippie, how are you getting on? Have you unmasked your hidden talent yet?!


Tanya :-)


yeah, definitely, I have another idea for the challenge... All i need is time (as usual!) Will try and have a go though!

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Managed to upload some of my makes, this is a handful of the items made, i can't believe how many beads you get in the kit they go such a long way.


Blue leafs, I have added some big blue beads, everything else is from the kit

Purple flowers, I have added the 5 sliders, again everything else is from the kit.


Sarah x



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These remind me of Indian bangles, I really like these and will be making many more with left over odd beads. , I have found you can mix Gold and Silver necklaces and earrings with these and the overall looks is still fine, when normally the different metals clash.


Just added the gold and silver spacers, the rest is from the kit.




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