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Christmas presents

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Clip frames are those photo frames where they do not have a frame they are glass with a hardboard back, and they are just held together with special spring clips. IKEA and places like that tend to sell them.


here is one I decorated with paper punches



the link is here if the pic doesn't show



Thanks for the link to the glass painting


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I'd never thought of that, it looks really good.


I've got a grandfather I never know what to buy for but every one is always giving him pictures of the great grand kids and he never has anywhere to put them. This way he gets something he can use for Christmas!


And the cookie idea has helped me too!! I never know what to get my daughters teacher, every one gives her chocolates, but I could get Teri to make some biscuits at the week end and get a cheap but nice mug in town!


Thanks guys!! That's really helped me!

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