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Embroidery machine for hobbyist

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Ladies, your expertise needed. What are your thoughts on an embroidery machine?
I've been thinking about getting one to make logos and ornaments on my handsewn clothes, to make them more interesting. Still, I don't need a commercial device or a combo (as I already own a sewing machine). But before taking a leap I would like to know...
The cheapest ones go for about $400 - is it worth it? What about the extra costs of threads and maintenance? What kind of embroidery machine do you have? And what kind of embroidery do you like to do with it? I've been eyeing this list for a whole evening since anniversary is coming, so hubby - beware, haha!

Also how easy is it to use? Also, what do you wish you knew before you purchased?

I have so many questions, so I'd appreciate any feedback on this! I know that this forum is not active lately, yet still - if you have something to say, please, leave a comment :)

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