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Are Eco Friendly Crafts Important to you?

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Hi Everyone :)


I'm new here and I look forward to getting to know you all!


I have a question for y'all regarding eco friendly, sustainable crafts - are they important to you? Do you actively seek out eco friendly materials for your projects, or is it something that's not really on your radar? And are you (or your customers if you sell what you make) interested to know where your materials come from and are you more likely to buy them if they are environmentally conscious? 


The reason I'm asking is that I'm considering making a new jewellery range for my shop made entirely from eco friendly, sustainable materials. I just wondered if anyone has any experience in this field and if its worth me going ahead and dishing out on more parts!


Thanks in advance :)




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Great thread, Scarlett! I try to keep my crafts sustainable, though it's tricky when it comes to adhesives and glues. And I have almost zero experience with jewelry, unfortunately.
Though I really like to search upcycling/recycling/reuse/etc on sites like craftster/etsy/artfire/etc to see what people are up to. Maybe you could find some nice ideas for your crafts here.

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