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Sewing Machines for beginners/newbies/amateurs etc

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Hello hope I posed this in the right place on the forum as just wanted to ask what kind of sewing Machine would you recommend for a complete beginner/newbie/amateur and what other equipment do I also need to get Stared. Beside that what kind of flask or travel cup would you recommend?


any help would be great


thank you for reading my message have a great day

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Hi there


I bought my sewing maching about 30 years ago and it's still going strong - a basic Jones one.  Is there a John Lewis near you, as they used to let you have a go on their machines to see what you liked (no idea if they still do but it's worth asking!).  Decided what features you can't live without, then what would be useful, rather than being overwhelmed with a million stitches you're never going to use :)

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