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I want to buy an A4 die cutting machine that cuts evenly across the whole paper not just at the sides but there are so many out there and so many different opinions I wondered if anyone could advise me please. Thank you

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Hi Trex and welcome to the forum. 


I can't advise you which machine to get as I've only got two machines, a Cuttlebug and a Big Shot Plus, so haven't been able to compare more than one A4 cutter.  But I think you'll probably find that all machines cut less evenly once they have been used for a while, as the plates distort and the rollers wear in use. Try not to put your dies in exactly the same place each time to spread the wear. But if mine don't cut first time I just move my dies to a different spot on the plate and rotate them, or put a piece of thin card as a shim to give more pressure.  If you use a piece of low tack tape to fix the die to the paper it won't shift if you need to put it through twice.

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