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In need of help and support!

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Hello everyone,


A bit of background from myself, I am a design student and I'm currently undertaking my final project where I am focusing on the repair of clothes to reduce the impact of clothing waste on the environment.


I have used a sewing machine once, and I wasn't very good at it.... I am currently sourcing a sewing machine and Im going to start making a few things! But the question is what should I make? I need something which will challenge me and educate me in how to use a sewing machine. I want to find out what is good and bad about the sewing machine, how everyone uses it and what it means to them?


I know I have a lot to learn and thats why I need everyones help


Thanks :)



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Hi Goose,


Im actually designing a sewing machine as I am a product designer, but in the process I need to learn how to use one, I have been developing the basics currently just learning the features. I want to find issues with current sewing machines, I understand sewing machines are pretty well resolved however I believe there is always room for improvement.

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Seems like you have an uphill struggle in trying to design a product you cant use.


All i can say is due to bad eyesight a self threader is important plus a variety of stitches. Also easy controls is important with a choice of using a foot pedal or not.


Lightweight is a factor too

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Hi Tom

Is there a fabric shop near you, as our local one runs beginners sewing classes?  That should get you off to a flying start. Or the local library might have details of classes.  Staff in shops that sell sewing machines, such as John Lewis, would be good people to talk to as well.


If you want some ideas for what to make, have a look in the projects tab at the top of the screen, there is bound to be something there that will inspire you :)

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