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Knitting/crotchet temporrily discarded

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Well, my little knitting/crotchet group plus now anything else craftwise I want to demonstrate...boasts only 7 members at the moment, but here is something to give you a smile....


Last week at our meeting I realised we now have WiFi installed in our Common Room in the Big Hall where we meet, so having been armed with passwords etc...4 of us put down our knitting/crotchet etc picked up our mobile phones and were busy connecting...remember we are all pensioners...a young man came into the hall checking alarms or some such thing and suddenly burst into laughter...knitting on table, 4 of us engrossed in mobile 'phones..he said "Now I have seen everything, ladies all over 70 keeping up with the times.I told him to come back in the New Year, we may then be hooked up to the TV with my computer and be watching U tube on TV with the latest craft know hows....never mind the arthritis, and the stiff joints...we ladies are trying to keep up with the times.Mind you the TV may well be out of date, but heck, we are trying......as for crotchet..oh yes, of course we keep the crafts going too.


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