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I joined recently and have made a first post but have had no replies. I'm surprised as I belong to 2 other forums (not crafts) where queries are frequently answered within minutes.


Do I have to complete the "Introduce Yourself" bit before anyone will look at my posts?


And I'm wondering whether it would be ok to put the same post on several of the forums. This is not allowed on the other forums I belong to, but I have a query that I need an answer to, so I want to try everything possible!


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Welcome to the forum, Allemande


I think people have been slow to respond as it is quite a specialised query and we don't know the answer!  The painters tend to hang out in the Other Techniques area rather than Papercrafts, so you may have better luck there, and of course you can post wherever you wish :)

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Thanks to all who have replied! I thought that the best place to post would be Papercrafts, because people who do decoupage use Mod Podge (I think?)

Thanks for the confirmation that it's ok to post the same thing in several forums - now I need to work out where the best place is...

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