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Xyron design runner

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Hi, can any one help? My mum has a Xyron Design Runner which is leaking ink from every opening and seam in the docking station part of it. I don't think it has ever been used bar an initial play and has sat untouched on a shelf since she passed away last year. I have now inherited all of her craft stuff and am covered in black ink (as is the carpet, the cupboard, the shelf and the instructions it was sat on!), as I carefully picked it up to pack it. It has obviously been leaking for a while as the ink on the instructions is (vast) dry and the page has stuck together as it was folded 😕

I have googled just about every combination of Xyron design runner and 'leaks', 'problems', 'ink', 'troubleshooting' etc I can think of and nothing comes up.


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