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Hello Everyone

Is anyone going to the Knitting and Stitching Show (various venues) this year? I shall be going to Alexandra Palace in October with a friend. We usually go every year and it's a great place to discover new ideas, try something new at one of the workshops and stock up on supplies. Can't wait. Everyone is very friendly and you can strike up a conversation easily.

Like to hear other peoples experiences.

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I used to go when I lived up in Bedfordshire as there was always a large number of people going so we'd hire a coach company.


But since I've moved down to Surrey it's much harder to get to the one at Ali Pali and there are no coach groups going from here either.


I have done the Brighton one via the train but I don't know if they still hold that one any more.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.


If you have made something yourself please start a new thread to show us your makes and don't repost other people's photos without their permission.  This is  a site for members' own makes not just posting links to other people's websites, and could you please only post in English?

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