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Thanks for nice words.


I'm struggling a bit .powers that be don't help..register death..sorry no sppointment till late Friday..means no funeral arrangemenys until next Monday. .now registering today but can't do it locally.. the home have been help ful .went to sort her room ..offered her decent clothes to them and they said leave what you don't want we'll sort it all. Saved us a big task.


I did do a bit of knitting last night..


Hope everyone is crafty

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Eliza I have been thinking of you , not a pleasant task to empty your aunts room . I hope you get arrangements done soon as waiting only prolongs the grief

glad to hear you managed some knitting that's positive


Hi to anyone else that pops on here

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Hello Eliza (or should I call you Billy no mates) lol. Nice here again but not to hot. I've had a lazy morning apart from a walk with Leah. I took her to our local wildlife park for an amble around the lake, fed the ducks and geese (don't like geese) and of course an ice cream from the little kiosk there. I sat on a bench while she went on all the aparatus on the kids part. Although I know in my mind she is safe it still scares me especially when she goes on the big stuff. I now what my parents and Margaret went through with me, I was always at the top of a tree oooops.



Eliza what a wait for a local register of death, unfortunately like most things there is a queue to register. I don't know wether district do things the same as Nottingham but I didn't have to inform authorities of Tony's death they did it all for us. I know it sounds materialistic but have you taken the vase from the home? as we forget so many things at these unhappy times, sending

hugs and prayers to you. Xx


Hi Liz hope you are ok X


Denise I agree with you about the no fear thing, Margaret reminded me of what I used to get upto as a child lol. I have really sused you with play dough etc! it's you not Sophie that plays with thing s lol.


Take care all xx

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Suzy you seem to know me so well  :P


Eliza it is a shame you have to wait so long to get things sorted. I personally think you can't really grasp what has happened until after the funeral. But as I say thats just me. Have sent you a pm


Hi Liz how are you?


More hooky this evening. I want to try and get a couple of blankets for the homeless done in next few days.

Then my friend has asked me if I will make some penguins for the hospital - I have a knitting pattern so will make a change from all the hooky I have been doing  :)


Have a lovely evening

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