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Hello, I gave up trying to get on here the past couple of days. Lisa made just over £250 for her coffee and cake fundraiser last Saturday, I thought that was good for an open house do. The money is going to the Team Rossi Foundation (local charity) that gives children having cancer treatment treats. Nothing big but a day out, a concert or just smething simple like books.

I'm pleased it's cooler for a few days, it was 87f in the conservatory compared to last Tuesday when it hit 120f. I loved the hot weather when I was young but as the years pass I tolerate it less and less.


Eliza condolences to you and your family on the passing of your aunt. I won't say I'm sorry as its a blessing and as you say you wouldn't let an animal suffer as she has. Even though she was distressed I hope she felt your presence and took comfort from it.


Suzie im sure Alex's knees will soon mend with some fresh air around them. My girls still have scars from what seemed like permanent grazes especially when Sally-Ann tried to walk up a slide in her roller skates. How's the dressmaking coming along?


Denise, it's good that you are going to get help with your diabeties, nice to go to the podiatrist you should be walking on air afterwards.


Liz I hope you are keeping better now and how is the quilt getting on.


Here is my little daredevil on the big slide at an adventure park we went to Sunday. We had all been keeping an eye on her and her friend then she vanished, she shouted ready steady go and was hurtling down the slide. She went straight back up again, she really frightens me.



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Afternoon . Been a belter of a day this morning - so hoy Sophie ran inside to get her hat.


A neighbour's daughter won a little play dough set on a tombola stall and gave it to Sophie so you can guess what I have been doing this afternoon.


She's gone home now so I'm going to put my feet up and have a cuppa before I make tea.


More hooky later - so pleased it has cooled down a bit so I don't have sweaty hands   :P


Suzy well done to Lisa on her fundraising event. I think kids of Leah and Sophie's age don't know the meaning of fear they leave it to the adults  :lol:


Have a lovely evening BBL

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