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Morning all :)


Is it me or is the site slow again?


Eliza thanks for asking about Alex yesterday.  After a soak in the bath we finally got the plasters off her knees and they're now air healing.  She demanded more plasters as she doesn't like looking at the scabs!  Good luck with your aunt today.


Work earlier for me today so it will be a busy morning before I go.  I've got a meeting to attend.


Have a good day all x

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Good about the knees..


Saw my Aunt yesterday..harsh as this sounds the sooner the better..she is so distressed and is fighting it..it was hard to see her..I tried to calm her but she was wailing, hurt to watch, as one of the carers said you wouldn't see an animal suffee like this but we have to watch people. .Got a call last night saying her breathing had changed but this morning she is still with us.. We have to go shopping as first day back from holiday..I had all 2 weeks of laundry pegged out at 6.00am


We will go see her after we get the shopping home..I feel myself it may be tomorrow. .my aunt is from dads side but tomorrow my uncle from mums side is 94..family history. .dad died on his cousins birthday..mum died on my aunt's birthday..mum's sister died on my burthday..etc.


I've started the front of jumper I was going to knit on holiday..think at home I should do it quick.


Stay crafty..if I'm missing you know why..I'll get sorted on other things once my head is straight. .until then.

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At long last I'm here. Gave up yesterday and earlier today.


School holidays now which have never had any affect on what I do for over 20 years. However having Sophie when her mam and dad's shifts overlap mean I have to work round her. But its not a problem and bless her she is no bother.


When diagnosed with Diabetes was told I would be going here there and everywhere.  Well tomorrow is the dietician, next week retinal scan and I think week after the podiatrist.  

Oh and nothing to do with it but had breast cancer scan saturday gone.


Once again making granny squares but these ones are with mohair and are for the homeless. Just need to sew ends in and the charity I send them to join them up.


Su2ie fortunately kids heal quickly but I guess an extra big hug or too can help 


Eliza  sorry to hear about your aunt but as you say hope she doesn't linger on in pain too much.


have a lovely evening everyone.  BBL

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