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Morning crafters


seems cooler this morning, we are having a leisurely breakfast then home, calling to see my aunt on the way, I feel the coming days may be hard so the coward in me is a little worried, helping my own parents and my FiLs 2 wifes I coped with as they were dignified but I feel this may be different.


Su2ie, how's your little girls knee, when you said about her falling I remembered me as a child, I no sooner started to heal than I went agsin, I still have the scars,


really sorry but I can't remember

spam posters seemed to be on here in force yesterday, they are so annoying.


Well have a happy Sunday, my next posting will be from home, although I think a busy rather stressful time may be ahead, I hope I cope with it all, hubby tries but he just can't do things other than hold my hand, stress wise he's much worse than I am.


oh joy, definitely a time to craft.

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Sorry Eliza I never had chance to get on here yesterday!


Alex's knees are still quite bad & we ended up soaking her plasters off in the bath as they'd stuck fast to the scabs, you know how it is when scabs weep!  She's now letting the air get to them. 


Will start a Monday thread x

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