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sunny Saturday

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Another nice day..we have a lovely room overlooks a flower filled courtyard but it is so hot..window wide open..fan in room on full and Abbey clock chiming every quarter means not much sleep..hada nice evening. .a girl singing in bar until 10.00 then we sat in courtyard until midnight. .a day of wandering around Tewkesbury today..we may hop on bus if we feel like it.


Home tomorrow straight after breakfast and will call in the care home..still no news on my aunt..I tried phoning 3 times yesterday but no answer..never known that happen before so wonder if something wrong with their phoneline..she's being looked after..hubby says I have to stop worrying and enjoy last day as it may be a strange week when we get home.


Going to do stump work..been reading the book I got..have 2 garments part knit..2 embroiderys i want to turn into something once they are finished a hexy quilt to finish..what did I say awhile back I'll only have one craft being worked on at any one time. Never mind.


Stay crafty

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Morning :)


I was up just after 6am and thought I'd have a quiet few hours as the girls went to bed late.  Not a chance!  Ellie was up 10 mins later followed by a very miserable Alex (sore knees) 10 mins after that!  It kinda scuppered my plans of a bit of editing...


Anyhow I've cut out the tissue part of my dress pattern & looked on youtube to see how to add a lining to a dress as the pattern doesn't tell you despite it giving cutting layouts etc for a lining :huh:  I've also ordered more of the muslin as its really good value at £1.79 for 2 metres! I'm thinking about the fabric I have that's too thin for a skirt because if I line it then it will be okay.


Eliza enjoy your last full day of your holiday & nothing wrong with more than one craft at a time ;)


Right going to see if I can do a bit of editing whilst the girls are occupied.

Have a good day all x

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A Sunny Good Morning to all. 🌞

Eliza - Enjoy your day. 😀

Su2ie - Hope you managed to get some editing done. 😊 Poor Alex. Hope her knees heal quickly.

Have a fab sunny Saturday everyone. x

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Another hot day..we have strolled around Tewkesbury. .quite a few craft and art fairs..a lovely one in the Abbey Hall..I was honest and said I crafted, had a nice chat with a few of the crafty people in there.


Still not bought anything except some ribbons.. stocking up for stump work.


Got through to the home..the phones were ringing out but not in..they never realised until late in the day .. my aunt is more settled..she can no longer swallow tablets they were worried they would choke her so she is now on morphine. .having said that she asked for breakfast but only nibbled a bit. Think she is sleeping a lot.


Seen 3 weddings at the Abbey..we managed a look in between the services.


Stay crafty..looking forward to getting going on crafts again..not missed them much..sat in hotel courtyard this afternoon reading up on stump work..

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