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Morning crafters


Moving today..we have had a lovely week in Cornwall. .visited a nice place each day and my arthritis has been reasonably well behaved..if it wasn't for the fact I want to get home fory aunt I think I'd be sorry to leave..still a couple of days left..we plan to break the journey to Tewkesbury at another National Trust house ..worth every penny we pay for our membership then onto hotel where we will park the car until Sunday morning .. lazu Saturday.


Only things I have bought crafty are a bracelet of peridots and a necklace of rose quarts which I intend to pull apart and remake into new jewelley and 3 craft books all on embroidery. .. still my to do list is full of projects. I am hoping I may come across a haberdashery in Tewkesbury as I would love to take a nice piece of background plain crean linen home.. although I still intend to finish my WIP'S before I start new makes..maybe not the paper piecing quilt as that's for a winter make - I think.


Have a nice Friday..wish I could remember all that had been written by you all but sorry..


Sent FiL a couple of texts yesterday but no answer so sounds as though he is really resting or sulking as we are not there..no news from the home about my aunt so I'm hoping she is resting and is less distressed .I'm sure they will have her on better pain relief now..she was refusing to take tablets early Iin the week..blaming the tablets for fact she waa in pain..she's forgotten she fell.


Right better make breakfast ..we are almost ready to pack car although dear hubby is snoring still.

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Morning :)


It was a little cooler at work yesterday thankfully although I was nearer to the huge fan and my paperwork kept blowing around so I had to weight it down!!!  I sat with a different team yesterday as all the desks were taken in our area and the young guy I sat next to was brilliant to talk to about writing, film making, movies and books.  It's amazing when you find someone you thought you had nothing in common with has similar interests :) We had a good chuckle when I told him about the good old days of analogue mobile phones and dial-up internet, all of which he'd done studies on at college LOL.


Anyhow the girls break up from school today and poor Alex had a nasty tumble as we walked to the school and skinned both of her knees and grazed her hand.  I had to carry her the rest of the way and they gave her first aid.  Poor little lamb.


Eliza you sure know how to pack loads into your holidays, just hearing about it is wearing me out!  Hopefully no news is good news with your aunt.


Tracey hope you have a fab day too!


Right I'd best get on.  I'm not sure if we're going for a walk today but either way I've got lots to do before work.  Have a good one folks x

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Hello, it's not been quite as hot here today although I've spent the afternoon in Margarets kitchen baking her contribution for Lisa's fundraiser tomorrow. M's idea of home baking is getting someone to do it for you but at 87 years young I don't blame her even though she has more energy than me. We also had a heart to heart and she said Tim's dad will sort him out And he is only being ' mardy'.


Eliza, pleased you have enjoyed your time in Cornwall, it is such a beautiful county, wild in some places and calm in others. We used to holiday there and Devon when I was small but only really remember the steam train journey and the beautiful beaches and swimming in the sea. That's till I was older and could appreciate the landscape.


Suzie it's is often how many times you speak to someone who you don't think you have anything in common with only to find you you do. They say a stranger is only a friend you haven't met yet! Poor Alex with her tumble, at least it's the start of the holidays Sally-Ann used to get injuries just before going back to school.


Hope you had a good day Tracey.

Take care everyone and enjoy the weekend X.

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Been another belter of a day couldn't believe how hot it got phew


Sophie's nursery finished at 12 o clock today so as she doesn't start until 12.45 yesterday was her last day for 6 weeks.


I have a hand punch which you put different shape cutters in - dog bone star tree leaf etc so we sat and punched a load of different colours. Sophie had a glue stick so glued her card and stuck them plus sequins stars spaghetti and bits of wool scraps. 


Thought she might have been bored fairly quickly but we spent over an hour doing this - thoroughly enjoyed ourselves  :)


Eliza you will be like me on sunday - need a holiday to recover from your holiday  :lol:


Tracey have you had a lovely day away from work - knitting and a few cuppas  ;)


Su2ie never judge a book by its cover - pardon the pun - its amazing what you learn about workmates.

What a shame for poor Alex


Suzy hope Leah's fundraiser goes well - who is he doing for?


Off to do some hooky as its nice and cool now.


Enjoy your evening

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