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Been a cooler day TG but the grey clouds are gathering - we are expecting rain but not a lot.


Eliza you may be on holiday but your crafty brain is still on overtime thinking up new ideas  :lol:


K&F I would love a bacon sarnie but can't  :( many moons ago I was ill on two separate occasions and deduced it was a colour preservative  E251 - sodium nitrate - that affected me so don't eat bacon or gammon and check on all cooked meats.  Fortunately I am ok with sausages  :)


Suzy stand your ground with Tim golf indeed. Would be different if it was a family emergency.  And yes the forum does seem to be slow and once the week-end gets here its nearly non-stop


Su2ie hope it wasn't too hot at work for you.


Liz how is the hand quilting coming along?


I'm using up scrap yarn to make granny squares in different sizes to join up for a different look blanket - either for the homeless or the hospital fundraising group - we'll see once I am finished.


I'm reasonably cool as I have the fan pointing at me hope you have a cool crafty evening

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We had bacon for tea..using up bits in fridge..so bacon with jacket potatoes snd cheese. .sounds weird but it was ok.


Yes Liz my FiL should be fine but this is dramatic FiL.. nothing straight forward..drama queen. He'll be wearing an eye patch and dark glasses for weeks..then it will be time for second eye doing

May even need a parrott on his shoulder. .a friend had hers done in the morning and was at her brother in laws funeral at 2.00..FiL is going to rest all weekend. I'm needing mine doing soon..not quite ready yet or thats what they said last year..I'm due another check.


No more news on my aunt.


Finished knitting back of my jumper so packed it..guess it will be sitting on a bed Friday and Saturday evening...no point trying to knit..in future it will be crochet or embroidery for holiday crafts..to be honest I've not missed crafting..feel my brain has had a good rest....going to finish WIP's first and then all systems go for new ideas.


Keep crafting.

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Eliza I laughed out load when I read your comment about the parrot on fil s shoulder

Hope you get back your knitting mojo soon


Denise I reckon I will finish the hand quilting at the weekend, it's been relaxing

Hope your crocheted blanket is going well


Night night ladies

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Liz its one of those blankets  where I just make a pile of squares in between other things and when I've got enough I sew them up.


Bedtime for me


Goodnight ladies

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