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Can't sleep..still so hot and I guess I'm waiting for news on my aunt. .it will be a blessing for her if she can leave peacefully. She has not coped well with age catching up on her.


Today FiL goes for his first cataract operation so I can see a fun week on our return.


It has been a waste of time bringing my knitting away.. I thought I would take home a finished jumper as it's a lacy design knit on quite big needles but back is still not finished although nearly there.


I think crochet or embroidery are better holiday crafts..which is what I normally bring. I have got a few ideas for new needlework panels one the gardens on St Michaels Mount another using vintage fabrics plus a few thoughts on what I can use the alternative embroidery on that I was working on. So many ideas for things I don't really need


Well I'm yawning and I've cooled a bit so see if the land of nod will accept me


Stay crafty

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Good morning Eliza and all who follow. :) I was woken up by the smell of frying bacon at 5am. Hmm, I thought, OH is having a sneaky, early morning fry-up. When I couldn't get back to sleep I got up and found he'd not been anywhere near the kitchen and is still fast asleep! I wonder if I dreamt it...


And now of course I'm famished! :lol:


I'm planning lots of reading today and knitting. I want to get a bit more of my lace scarf done. :)


Thank goodness it's cooler this morning - I feel human again. Let's hope it stays that way. Have a great day folks. :)

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Hello, it's been a mixture of not being able to get on here or it slower than the old dial up and I also went to my cousins near Watford for a 10 days to stop Tim phoning me asking if I will cover for him while he plays golf. Lisa is having a coffee and cake fundraiser tomorrow so I'm keeping an eye on Leah while she bakes. hopefully peace and quiet will soon reign again.

hope everyone is reasonably well and keeping cool, I've pm"d you Eliza.

Have a great day, going to post this before it disappears into cyber space.

Take care x

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Afternoon :)


Been a busy morning for me.  No walking today but a catch up with DS1, who told me he was moving into his new place at the weekend but actually moved in yesterday!  He's in a lovely furnished 1 bed flat that's been converted from an old terrace house.  I'm so jealous of his huge kitchen too!  It will be ideal for him as he's a chef :D  After I visited DS1 & I went off for a coffee and a bit of a shopping trip before he met up with his GF.  Been quite a pleasant morning.


Eliza I hope it's peaceful for your aunt too.  Hope you finally got some sleep & you're enjoying some more holiday time :)


K&F isn't it odd how we dream smells?  Bit disappointing though not to wake up to bacon sandwiches :lol:


Suzy good plan going away for 10 days.  I think you'll have to give Tim some firm reminders you're now retired! ;)


Right best get on!  Won't be long before work and as the weather is still on the hot side today (no sign of storms) I guess it will be stifling again...


Have a good day all x

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Been to Falmouth. .didn't set out for there but it was raining so kept driving. Then did park n ride or rather park n float so got a boat ride was nice and sunny by then...really enjoyed it and inspiring shops..so more ideas for to do list.


No news on my aunt..hubby won't let me phone them ''they will let you know if there is any news - you'll only end up stressing''.. he's right.


Suzy thanks for pm.


Right packing to do..first stage of heading north tomorrow. .


Hope no-one has melted yet.

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Poor eliza I hope the rest of your holiday can be peaceful before you need to return home to the invalids, fil should be ok as I had both my cataract s done with no after effect


Hope awful bacon frying then no bacon k&f, even I fancy bacon now I have read your post


Hope you enjoyed your 10 days away Suzy you will need to be firm with Tim


Su2ie sounds like you had a good morning, we visited my middle son and family today, we took niamh who had a great time with her cousins


Enjoy Tewkesbury tomorrow Eliza, my eldest son used to live there,


Hope you are all well

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