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Supposed to be cooler but can't say I noticed it overnight. .got photos sent of grandkids last night..Sophia asleep on her bedroom floor and Harry sat in garden with just a towel over him as he'd just had a cool shower.


Think we are going to Eden Project today..been too warm previous days. We last went just after it opened.


Bought an embroiders guild book on Stumpwork yesterday..a bit different for me.


Sat out knitting and playing scrabble last night but had to come back in as ants were running all over me..hubby said it's your imagination just as you spotted one..I put my leg close to his and they ran on him..think we'd better go in he then said.


Struggling knitting. .expected to take a finished jumper home..I've knit less than 3 of the 10 balls ..last 2 days here then we go to Twekesbury.


My aunt. the home is talking she may have to move to another home since her fall she is screaming all the time. .saying she can't move. .she has hurt base of her spine. .doctor suggested a few days bed rest but she refusing so is screaming it's hurts as she's sat on it..it's taking 3 members of staff to move her and they are only a care not nursing home.. the admin lady called me..we could do with you visiting .I said we are away until Sunday..


Right battery low .signal going off


Be crafty

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Morning :)


Eliza sounds like a fab holiday minus the ants!  Have a great time at the Eden project.  Sad to hear the latest with your aunt.  You're right to stick to your guns though.


Still very hot here (expect most of the country is the same).  I'm too zapped to do anything.  The place never cooled overnight, it was still 28c in the lounge at 4am with all the windows open!  Not looking forward to the heat at work later either.  I'm not really a hot weather gal, can you tell?


Hope everyone manages to get some relief from the heat, roll on the thunderstorms I say!


Have a great day all x

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Hello. :) I'm not a hot weather person either. Thank goodness it's a bit cooler today, although I wish the breeze would pick up.


Eliza, enjoy the Eden Project today. I went years ago when it first opened and it was a good, memorable day out.


Su2ie, hope your place cools down. Yes I'm looking forward to the thunder as well, although I have a horrible feeling they'll bypass this far south.


I finished my fair-isle socks just now, great! :D They're now a much better fit, so worth redoing. :)


The lace lady got back to me last night - she'd been waiting for the domed pillows to come back into stock, which happened this morning, so I've now ordered the kit I wanted. Hooray, can't wait for it to arrive! :D


Have a good afternoon and stay cool. 😎

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Feeling guilty now..had another call from the home..she has taken a dip and her doctors have put her on end of life care.good point is she is now in bed and not as aware of the pain..tried change bookings for hotels as too far for hubby to drive all the way in a day but we can't so it's still going to be Sunday.. have to put hubby first bad as that makes me sound. .I always said my aunt would shout ''wolf'' once too many times...


We were in the Eden project when I got the call.. we sat a while then got on with the visit which was good. .shuttle bus back to car park and rest of walking I managed as gentle slopes.


Hope everyone is okay..sorry to throw a damper on you. .I can't even tell my daughter as she is on a course for work so don't want to upset her in case she fails..plus she is 140 miles from home.


Right going to do some knitting. Sorry to whinge.

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Evening all. Its been a bit cooler but only just. Mind you we had a downpour when the rain was absolutely stotting down. And the thunder seemed like it was directly above me and one or two flashes. Pleased it didn't last too long.


Did manage to get a big pile of de-creasing done followed by a much needed cool shower.


Got the fan on too keep cool while I do some hooky.


Eliza you must put yourself and hubby first - do try and enjoy the rest of your holiday


Su2ie have you cooled down?


K&F have you put a pic of your socks on here - haven't actually checked yet. What kit have you ordered?


Have a lovely evening ladies. Popping over to sshh you know where  ;)

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Oh Eliza, as you say she's cried wolf so many times so what were you to think?  Try not to worry and enjoy the rest of your hols x


K&F glad to hear you've got your lace kit sorted :)


Goose they changed our local weather earlier and we haven't had any storms so I'm jealous of you! 


Work was horrendously hot again.  It's like stepping into an oven and I was further away from the fan today.  The lounge is cooler at home but the heat has built up in our bedroom despite not getting full sun.


Just trying to do a bit of editing here.  I've managed a few pages over the past few days despite the interruptions B)


Have a good sleep folks and stay cool!

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