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totally tropical Tuesday

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Such a hot spell of weather..can't believe it.


Went to St Michaels Mount and I got very slowly to the castle. .found coming down the hardest. .it seemed to put more strain on my joints but I did it. then St Ives..used shuttle bus so that wasn't bad. Too hot to really look in shops but enjoyed sitting by the harbour watching the world go by while sipping a cool drink


Today is a rest day our cottage is shaded by trees so in this heat that is good.


Hope everyone is well and crafting. Struggling getting on forum so not had chance to read much.

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summer has even reached us ladies 25degrees here

been to feed the swans with niamh but even they hurried off to the shade afterwards


Hand quilting my extra blocks for the quilt, it's a nice armchair craft


Hope you enjoy your walk su2ie and it's not too hot


Eliza thinking a rest day is a good idea

I too find coming down hill or steps much harder than going up


Off to pick up Ruth from work shortly

Have a good day


Ps did you get my PM last week su2ie

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hello everyone,
I'm hoping I can actually post this, my internet is supposed to be fixed so I am supposed to be able to stay online for more than a few minutes, we will see :)

My mom tells me it's hot and sunny there, same here 91F and the only thunderstorm I have heard was in the distance and we didn't even get a shower with it so all good. I got to sit outside and sew yesterday because I had to hand sew (I won't pretend to say it was embroidery I'm not that good) the face of a doll I was making.


My daughter has gone away for a couple of days so I have a little break from Alia. I've used the time to make a doll for my nieces' daughter's birthday. She's not really old enough for it yet but I had promised I'd make her one and so her mom can put it away for a while, I have some other things to put into the package more suitable for her right now.


I've finished the actual doll I now need to make some clothes, I was thinking of making a little pretty lace trimmed vest and bloomers, a dress and hat and shoes for now and make more clothes in the future. I had always planned on making several dolls for both Maia and Alia with different hair and skin tones, and then a little cardboard suitcase filled with clothes because I know little girls like to change the outfits of their dolls and do their hair in different styles. But it's been slow going with Alia being such a demanding baby and all :D


I'm glad that you have managed to get about Eliza, sounds like you've been quite determined, Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday.


Enjoy your walk Suzie


I used to take my daughter to feed the ducks,geese at a local park when she was little CN. But we went the one day and we got surrounded by about two hundred birds, she thought it was great being about 2 or 3, I was seriously scared for our lives :D:D:D .... she showed no fear at all and was telling some of the geese off if she thought they were being too greedy. She was only as tall as they were.


Enjoy your quilting CN


Have a great day all, (woot I managed to stay online :) )


Oh wow I sure hope it's this site that's incredibly slow and not my internet still not working, I waited half an hour for this page to reload.

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Evening from a melting Goose - its been unbelievably hot here too.


Got the fan on full blast.  Mind you Sophie was standing in front of it earlier with no nappy or undies and said she was getting a cold bum LOL


Might try6 and do some hooky if I can cool my hands down.


Eliza I too find going downhill far harder then going up and yes it does put more strain on the joints. Well done with coping with it


Su2ie did you have a lovely walk - was it not too hot?


Liz pleased to hear the weather went north and reached you too  :)


Sara the site has been very slow lately worse at week-ends that's why I sent you a pm  ;)


Have a cool evening (if its possible)

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Evening all :)


We did just under 2 miles on our walk in 45 mins. There was shade when we were walking under the trees but half was in full sun. Work was hotter. They gave us extra breaks today and I was feeling bloated from too much water!


I don't have the energy to craft....


Liz just read your PM thanks, I'd missed it! We saw ducks and geese on our walk today and black "ducks" with white stripes on their heads :) Sounds like you had fun with Niamh.


Sarah glad to see you've got your internet back! We're due thunderstorms tomorrow - can't wait!


Goose I totally understand with the hot hands! Sophie is so funny! Alex has been wandering around in her knickers too!


Hope everyone has a cool evening!

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