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Manic Monday

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Morning all :)


I forgot to come back on here yesterday evening :blink: I did in fact attempt to teach my girls how to firstly knit (they couldn't grasp it) and then crochet (partial success!).  Alex's finger were too stiff holding the hook and wool so only managed a few chains but Ellie was actually quite good at it :D She just needs to improve her tension.


Goose good to see you back!

K&F sounds like a horrid day.  Is your OH being a bit clumsy with mud on the windows and his foot through the oven? :o

Eliza you had a very busy day!  Another teacher once told me they also give away plants, flowers and chocs as they get so many of them.  I always try to do something handmade.  Christmas its normally a crocheted bauble for the tree.


My mind has gone blank on what everyone else said yesterday.  I suppose I need to get on here as both girls need their hair sorting out before school.


Speak later - have a good day folks x

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Quick hello..going to st Michaels Mount so early start before it gets any warmer..hoping on the mount there will be a sea breeze.


Su2ie I used to get chocs also but can't remember what I did with them. .I wouldn't eat them as I'm not a choccy fan, guess as my kids were young back then they may have had a few.


Think I've gone back to my youth here..just looked in mirror I look an aging hippy..trying to wear clothes that are cool.. maybe I need to get changed.


Be crafty. .have a good day..signal fluttering so I'm off

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Eliza you stay a hippy - don't change!  Hope the sea breeze cools you off today :P


Back from the school run and its already hot in the lounge.  Hoping to take a more local walk with DH this morning around the pools close to where we live.  First though I need to go change the sheets on the girls' beds.


Oh and Ellie took her crochet chain in to school today to show her teacher.  She's so proud of it and I'm proud of her too!


Speak later x

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Hello. :) Forum is slow so fingers crossed I don't lose this post. :)


Su2ie, well done Ellie with the crocheting. Maybe Alex just needs a bit more practise. Enjoy your walk.


Eliza, you enjoy your walk too and hope you get a good breeze so it's not too hot.


It's warming up here too. I painted a couple of window sills with lots of rest breaks, so they'd dry quick in the heat. It's the most I've done in ages. So pleased I've done them, even if only one coat each. :)


I'm now planning vast quantities of rest, reading, cool drinks and knitting. :)


Happy crafting all and keep cool today. :)

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Honestly this forum is ridiculously slow. Never been the same since they changed to latest version.


It is so frustrating. Thank goodness another forum I go on isn't as slow  ;)


Continuing with making bonding squares for charity to help with their 5,000 challenge by mid september.  Think they have either 1400 or 1500 hundred at the moment so well on the way.


Have a lovely evening

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