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Sleepy Sunday

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Morning :)


I was up at 5am, did a bit of editing then went back to bed at 6.30 and woke up around 9am!  When I say a bit I mean literally a couple of paragraphs :rolleyes:


The teacher bookmarks went well last night.  I've made 6 already as there are the TA's in each class too.  I'm going to mount them on card and put them in cellophane craft bags.  Thought it might be a good idea to say exactly what they are too!


Eliza sorry to hear you've got a poor signal in your new digs but hopefully its more comfortable there and allows knitty time!


Lisa love your dream catcher, brilliant idea to make it on your sewing machine.


Well I'm just enjoying a cuppa.  Hoping for a relaxing day but Sunday is ironing day ready for Monday morning.  Roll on next week and the summer hols!  Just have to pop out for more bread later as we ate a whole loaf between us yesterday with just enough for a few slices of toast this morning (cereal for me).


Have a good crafty day folks x

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Great dreamcatcher Lisa that must be some machine you have

Nice colours


Glad bed comfy at New place Eliza, it's rotten when you can't sleep , good you are getting some knitting g done too, what book are you reading just now?


Su2ie nice you got the bookmarks done, I am sure they will be appreciated,not long now till your girls go on school holiday

I am taking niamh to the circus tomorrow, these days off school are expensive, keeping them amused


Away to have a cuppa, then do some sewing

Have a good day

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CN it certainly is expensive entertaining them. I've got a few cheap crafty items for indoor use to keep my two busy plus there's always the cheap option of a walk or trip to the park :)


Here's a pic of the bookmarks packaged up :)


The girls have made their own thank you cards too.


Speak later x

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Afternoon Ladies. 🌞

Chloe came for a sleepover. 😠We had a fab time. Painting terracotta plant pots and adding funny faces. Made some cupcakes, played with play-doh, read books and did gardening. 😊 Phew.....now at last it's knitty time for me. Have a fab afternoon all. x 😄

Lisa - Your dreamcatcher is fab. 😀

Su2ie - Your bookmarks sounds lovely. Well done on your editing too.....may beonly a little.....but at least your getting it done gradually. 😀

Liz - Enjoy your sewing. 😄

Take Care All. x

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Afternoon again!


Tracey you're day sounds like lots of fun, if a little tiring! Enjoy your knitting time :)


I did attempt some ironing but it's just too hot. Tbh I'm bored. I'd like to do some more editing but it's difficult to concentrate. Even when the girls are entertaining themselves they constantly interrupt. Ah well!



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