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Sleepy Sunday

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Hello..just got back to cottage after visiting Newquay.. memories there. .my first ''girly'' holiday was there 47 years ago..''ouch'' place we danced and sipped cider each night still there and still same name.. went on beach and paddled. .hill down and back was a killer thought we would never get back up and we took the easy route.


Just had a cool shower to remove sand, later we may sit out but it's cooler indoors just now. Think tea will be later tonight. Bought some nice strawberries so may have dessert soon and main course later.


Too hot to knit..not getting on with book I'm trying to read, was a second hand bookshop buy so never mind..I am flickin pages on a needlework book..interesting read..taking through history and techniques and materials to use now - another second hand buy.


Liked the bookmarks Su2ie.. I used to get teacher gifts and the only ones I kept were the handcrafted ones..used to hate flowers and plants as we always went on holiday as soon as school broke up, my mum loved them as we used to take her the lot, so many sometimes she was giving them away, silliest one ever was from my nephew who was in my class, his mum knew we were going away...he had me as two people at school I was Mrs K at home I was Auntie Liza..he once called me Auntie Mrs Liza..bless he was only 4/5


Right a cool drink I think.

Enjoy your evening

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Afternoon. :) Totally floppy today - I resemble a wilted bit of celery. :( Such a stressful day, but I'm feeling better now. :) I was woken by breaking glass at stupid o'clock - OH put his foot through the oven door and smashed it. Then kids from down the road started shouting and screaming outside our house and I collapsed. Now I'm watching Colombo and knitting my sock. I'm increasing a tiny amount as I go up the calf, so nearly done. :)


Su2ie, those bookmarks are so pretty.

CN, hope you're having fun sewing.

Tracey, cor you've definitely earned a cuppa and craft time!

Lisa, hello hope you're having a good day.


I'm off to marmalise OH. He's now cleaning the windows (which he spattered in mud a few days ago) and making them squeak loudly! Grr.


Have a good afternoon all. :)

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Evening all I'm back from a very tiring holiday.


We stayed in a lovely lodge with lots of rabbits and squirrels running around and some pretty coloured birds.


As well as using facilities on the site we visited a tank museum, Stonehenge, wildlife park in New Forest and a butterfly house, Peppa Pig World which also had a dinosaur park and park full of white knuckle rides with a couple of safe one s for Sophie. 

We also had a trip on the hovercraft to Isle of Wight.


I'm absolutely shattered and need a holiday to recover  :lol:


Mind you I thoroughly enjoyed it all  :)


I'll have more time tomorrow to try and catch up with your posts if I can.


Putting my feet up now and doing some hooky.


Eileen and Lisa have sent you PM's.



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