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Morning all :)


Phew, its been tipping it down here!  I went in on overtime at 7am and the roof was leaking in places!  Of course right over the photocopier so it had to be moved...


Hope everyone's having a good Saturday.  I'm not long home so sitting with my feet up although I could do with a cuppa too!  Postie has been with some dress patterns I ordered at half price but I need to do this blouse first before I think about dresses.


Anyhow have a good and hopefully dry day folks!

Bye for now x

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Hello Suzie and everyone else, it's been tipping it down here but shhhhhh the sun is out now. It's the fun day on our local playing field and community centre this afternoon so I hope it keeps fine for them. No I'm not going as I'm saving my energy for tonight at the casino with several from work.

I'm still plodding on with a baby blanket and two slip stitch baby cardigans, not only Sally-Ann expecting but also her best friend and one of my ex foster children who used to come to me from being a baby for anything from a couple of days to three months when her mum was ill. My needles and hook will definitely be doing overtime.



Suzie not very nice to go into work with leaks and the continual drip drip drip which gets on your nerves. Did you get your patterns for S&S? I have some of mine from there when on offer, patterns have gone disportionaly in price.

Hope you get your blouse made.


I must sort some magazines out to take to K&N on Monday as the pile is growing.

Have a good Saturday x

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hello, not much time as so busy, go away tomorrow and not a thing ready because it has all been wedding, just sent some photos to the brides mum as she has none,


Rain here  but quite warm. 


Be crafty, hope everyone well

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Afternoon All. 😄

It's muggy here today â›…ï¸ not very pleasant. At least rain clears the air a bit. 😀 I'm enjoying a lovely knitty weekend. Might do some reading in between too. Perfect. 😄

Su2ie - Hope you get your blouse done. 😊

Suzy - Enjoy the casino tonight. 😀

Eliza - Have a fab holiday. 😀

Take care all. x

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Evening ladies have a fab hols Eliza enjoy the casino sounds fun knitting queen and sorry to hear about the leaking roof.today I have been making candles for my grandson beau s teachers and helpers to say thankyou.also made myself a cushion on embroidery machine and very excited ordered a large hoop hopefully cone in the week .lisa x





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Evening ladies, I couldn't get on earlier, this site can be so slow

Had my son and family here today so a lovely catch up


Eliza hope you have a brilliant holiday with good weather


Lisa nice teacher gifts and I love the caravan you embroidered on the cushion


Suzy hope you are lucky at the casino, enjoy


Su2ie hope you find time over the weekend to sew your top


I finished the embroidery on the centre of Ruth's quilt, so I will be backing it tomorrow then onto the rest of the blocks


Will say night night to you all, hope e everyone is well

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