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Monday s sunny day

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Morning. :) No work for me today, just not up to it. I'm half watching Wimbledon. :)


Hope everyone who was feeling poorly is now feeling better.

Lisa, the candles are lovely and you have a blue sky!

Sarah, Alia is growing fast.

Hello anyone else I've forgotten, my head is in a land of it's own.


I undid some self-striping socks I made years ago - might have been my first pair actually - they were too big since I lost weight, but I liked the yarn too much to chuck them. I didn't want to do the invisible cast on for the toes again so stopped before I got that far and put them on needles. Over got as far as the gusset shaping on the first one. :)


Happy crafting all. :)

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Hello you busy lot,


I was at the woods this morning with dogs ,I took a flask of coffee with me and embroidery,stayed dry but overcast

Went food shopping this afternoon and it poured of rain, unbelievable, we have Ruth's dog till Friday as they are on holiday so I hope it doesn't rain all week


My son in law had his last intravenous drip this morning and they drained fluid from his leg, so he is being allowed home with oral antibiotics, report to his GP daily


I hope you are feeling a bit better Linda

Denise hope your on the mend

Eliza busy lady your uncle sounds great

K&f hope you are resting

Sarah looks like alia enjoyed her birthday

Lisa love the wolf candles


Must parcel up some items for return yet again, post office here I come . Think dress is sorted at last will take pics

Waiting on fascinator and shoes coming first


Have a good evening folks

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Evening ladies. This morning I had no internet connection then went out with friends.


Still nothing when I got back then all of a sudden a thought popped into my mind.


I quickly did our tea - just omelettes and veg - then turned router off and back on 10 seconds later - hey presto here I am.


My S*Y box sometimes needs booting up and I thought why not the router. Pity I didn't think about it earlier  :rolleyes:


Feeling a bit better today TG but still a little snifly


Let me see Liz wedding dress sorted


Su2ie thats disgusting - my doc gave me machine, needles and strips plus a sharps disposable box. That was before it was confirmed I was diabetic so they could keep a check on my levels. I would go back to docs and insist on needles testing strips and a disposable box.


Final of Sewing Bee tonight  :)


Linda  sorry I wasn't around today to sort out spam - it is a pain in the bum  :angry:


Loving the candles


Lovely pics of Alia - see she likes Iggle Piggle and Upsa Daisy  :)


Usual evening for me now tea over and dishes done- hooky or knitting and the odd cuppa now and again.


Have a lovely evening

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Towst i give alot away to friends and family also will be doing some craft fairs soon.The wolf ones ate my favours such beatifull animals i am expecting my son to want them as he loves anything with a wolf on.started by embroidery want to add some butterflies going from fairy over the flowers.having a glass of red as no school run tomorrow grandaughters teacher on strike.night ladies xx


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