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Morning crafty people


First I'll moan, I am so fed up with this sore throat and ear ache, cold not bad apart from a pathetic annoying cough and runny eyes but I do feel quite ill.


Right that's out of the way,  I am trying to draw the concert venue in the mill onto fabric so I can do a panel of it for the community cloth, a few are doing their own houses but I thought who's that interested in my house ,, it used to be the mending room so all rusty girders and glass roof and the back drop of the stage is now a black cloth with twinkly lights and at one side a green neon sketch of a mill worker and a red neon sign of the venue name, wish me luck interpreting that to a small panel, I love a challenge.


My sister in law called last night {mum of the bride} so I sent the wedding gift, it was a cheque but I did the wedding themed memory box to put it in, looked good.


K&F it's so easy to overdo things when you feel a bit better but what a good sign you were able to over do them, a few days and fingers crossed...


And Mr and Mrs Decorator,  I don't know how you have done so much, must be a fabulous feeling,  we have the rest of the house to start and that is after walls have been rebuilt, all the dirt of demolishing has gone and the house looks reasonable which I think is the reason we are able to live with it just now, we said after the last holiday we'll get it moving when we get home , now we are getting ready for the next holiday, so we'll get it moving when we get home from that.  My target is now the downstairs done for Christmas and next year we will think about the upper rooms, my daughter said yesterday "look at it this way the longer it takes you means it will be longer before it needs doing again " er' can sort of see her logic.


Going to the theatre to see CATS on Wednesday and next Thursday its the wedding,  then out on the Friday, Saturday visit my aunt and pack clothes and Sunday off on holiday, how times flies when your having fun.


Been trying to put a few pictures on and I am getting  'this file too big to upload' they are the same size as I have uploaded before and I am on main computer so sorry to say I give up.  a sore throat and techno issues don't work together. 


that it crafty people I have a frozen brain, can't think what else I can write, I do wish now I had gone for smart trousers and a floaty top for the wedding instead of the dress and jacket, ah well a day of discomfort, not changing plans now, my daughter in law bought a new dress and she has returned it and is wearing a cotton dress she already had, it was too scratchy and couldn't face a day in it looking after 2 children and feeling twitchy in a dress she said.


have a good day, the rain has stopped here, not heard how the event at the church went, I think it looked like moving into the church hall, not sure how the vicar was cooking his pizzas with the rain, he did say he was doing them in the pizza oven in the grounds whatever, guess I will find out.  


Stay crafty


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3 attempts at posting above . :wacko: . luckily I'd saved  -  as it kept coming up sorry you don't have permission to do that , I came out, resigned in and it let me?   :ph34r:   going off this forum a bit. :angry:   If i'd not been signed in it wouldn't have let me fill in the post it form and my name wouldn't have been at the top of the page.


going to design a panel to sew now.  :)

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Hi Eliza, sorry you still feel poorly, hope sore throat eases soon, The site has been slow lately but I would miss hearing all you crafty ladies each day if I didn't log on


Not long till the wedding for your niece, is it being held close to you? I hope it's a lovely day, did you ever show pics of your outfit I forget


Going to visit my son in law he has shingles and now they think he has a blood clot in his leg, he had to go to hospital last night


Have to go and take dogs to the woods now I will pop back after I have done the dogs and visited the invalid to see if anyone else has given you company eliza

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Hello both I am busy doing my latest craft and watching tennis, we just had dinner a chicken tagine.


I hope your throat feels better soon Eliza try a TCP gargle it will do you a power of good.


I am not best pleased with this sight either very slow to do anything, we aut to have a contingency plan insight gets worst I would hate to not be able to talk to you all. I love this sight for the crafty ideas and company.


My new craft will remain a mystery till I have done a bit more of it.

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hi Linda,

A mystery craft project how intrigued am I, share soon

Like you I would like a contingency plan in case the site fails maybe initially we should exchange email addresses via a pm ,I am not computer literate so someone else would need to make better arrangements


Son in law being scanned in morning as the hospital messed up his appointment today, meanwhile at home with warfarin injections for my daughter to administer, it's 25 years since she was a nurse so I feel it's a bit laxed on hospitals part


Got niamh staying over as her mum is away for a meeting with the humanist minister this evening, I will have her for lunch the next 2days also as only mornings at school then disco and fancy dress parties school hols on Friday


Must go and shower her before bed time, then snack and story time


Eliza are you any better if not see if you need something from doc, thinking of you and hubby poorly together..

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