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Evening ladies.  Had a great day with family except for DIL who had to work.


The sun was streaming down so we had dinner in the garden followed by a flan. I cut the strawberries in half showed Sophie how to put 3 or 4 in flan case and she did the rest  :)


DH bought her a present last week (thought we would wait until decorating and tidied up a bit before giving it to her)

It was a 100 piece wooden train set (seen on internet for £40) that he spotted reduced at Tes*o for ..... drum roll  Â£1.88.

Sophie loved it and helped her granddad in her own little way to join the pieces to make a track then played with it for most of the afternoon.


I have started making another Attic 24 bag to put all the bits in as a box won't last long (last bag was for her Duplo and its ideal)


Eliza the place where you live sounds fantastic - wish I lived nearer


Suzy love the little hats. I haven't heard from Sara and hope she is ok


Liz I sometimes find internet connection slow too. We had 20 C of sunshine today  until it started raining and 5.15 and hasn't stopped yet (its 8.25 pm)


K&F shame you are pooped today but sounds like you have had a lovely time.  I'm sure you will get more good days like this soon


Enjoy the rest of your evening

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