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Morning from a tired Eliza.


We had a brilliant day yesterday. .the entertainment last night was really good. .very different to anything I've seen before but all brilliant. . A.comedy violinist...a speed painter and a drum band...which all sounds strange but I've never laughed..clapped or jiggled so much for years..I say jiggled as everybody else in the room was up dancing except the few who couldn't and we jiggled.. you had to be there. Today we have the community picnic with brass band and loads more and from 5 it's" fun at chapel" the vicar is cooking pizzas. Are we the only.church with a pizza oven Iin the gardens of the church hall.


Downside is my throat..ears and now streaming eyes..roll on.a good rest tomorrow. .wednesday we go see CATS. .so I'm hoping I'm inproved by then..


First of my guests yave just arrived downstairs so I'll say bye for now. Keep crafting

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Morning ladies, sunny here at the moment, I'm not doning much today as I have a day full of meetings tomorrow and saving my strength for them.

I've knitted a couple of butterfly stitch hats which I had a pattern for and made up a mitt pattern for the pink one and the one that looks orange isn't, it is deep cherry red.


Has anyone heard from Sarah? They have those terrible floods in Virginia with people having to be rescued fro their homes.


K&F wow you did do well yesterday, don't go and knock yourself back though. Love the lace you are making, I was having lessons at our lace hall some years ago but it closed so I didn't continue.


Eliza I do wish we had more crafty places like yours. Nottingham was Based mainly on lace making butt we have lost all that now. enjoy your pizza.


Well done Denise on the complete house decorating, I don't blame you for cracking open a bottle of champers to celebrate. If I forget later on have a great holiday.


Linda I hate pigeons, they are rats with wings, I hope your cauliflowers survive.


I haven't had any breakfast so going to do a crab omelette for brunch and then dinner at tea time.

Have a good day



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Afternoon ladies,

I am finding the forum site really slow to load etc is it my internet or the forum ? Anyone else having trouble


Your weekend sounds great eliza pity you are feeling poorly

The mill with pom poems looks very festive try and not overdo things, hope you are fit for cats.


Nice little hats Suzy, hope you enjoyed your omelette, I am having an omelette phase just now, unfortunately my weakness is cheese in it


Great achievement Denise you have certainly worked for that champagne, I am still thinking about all the work involved if we decorate here, but it does need it


Hope you are well k&f you did well yesterday,


Tracey hope you have had a good weekend off work,how's the heat with you , I don't fancy working in it


It's lovely weather here today 17 degrees so not sure what to do with rest of today, hubby thinks we should go out, I want to rearrange my craft room,


Hope everyone is happy ladies bfn

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Just arrived home from picnic in the park..it was nice..sat in a chair soaking up the sun..the last of our guests have just left here phew..feet up for 24 hours I think. We decided to pass on the church pizza event..I'm too tired..think it would have been fun but they have moved it into church hall due to the raindrops.


Liz the forum is slow, I was about to give up when it connected.


I'm so tired I can't think ..so a cuppa and a rest


Just started to rain which I hope will freshen the air.


I'm planning a panel for the community wall hanging. .an idea is bubbling.


Keep crafting

Edited by Eliza28

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That's me home too , hubby won we went out for Sunday lunch


Eliza have a rest this evening, it's so exhausting having guests, it would have been very noisy having families in the church hall,so you were best to go home, the rain has just started here too,it got very dark, oh I love the alternative embroidery eliza


Have a good evening everyone

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Evening. :) Yesterday was the best day I've had all year. Maybe even longer than that. I thought I'd paced myself well. Alas I did too much and then couldn't sleep and have 'crashed' all day today. :( Such a shame I have to pay for such an amazing day yesterday.


Eliza, your community really sounds fabulous. Not surprised you're worn out. I hope you had lots of fun.


Suzy, the hats are lovely. Hope you got the rest you wanted today.


CN, yes I'm finding it slow to load pages too. Did you get to rearrange your craft room?


My big tidy has been scheduled to kick off next weekend when OH will be about to help lift and move things. Hopefully I'll have the energy to tackle it by then too.


Have a good evening all. :)

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