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Just got back from Mill..so interesting, they have now opened the archives..pattern books going back to 1800's who fabric was made for..names of weavers.menders who worked on it...made for cimpanys like Givincy..crown prince of? Seems it was renown as a very top class manufactur of fine worsted etc. .hundrerds of boxed samples..they have just sorted through a few irs the most accurate archive of its type the world as it's still owned by same family who never threw anything away. .


One set my poms are displayed in prime position in art gallery sounds silly but I was so pleased.


KnF wow on your lacemaking. .is it hard? I've always fancied a go.


Wish camera worked ..all my guests sat in garden asleep.. look funny.


I've brought home a plain panel .. a.community wall hanging is being made...not sure what to.do..they suggested my house..may do.garden.


Be crafty

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Eliza, I'm only a beginner lace maker, but it's stupidly easy to get started. What takes the time is winding the bobbins. When you get going there's literally just 2 moves - like we have knit and purl - you learn (cross and twist) and it's the different combos of those that make the patterns. :)

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Hello, I'm back again. :)


Tracey, hope you've had a good day with lots of cuppas and knitting.


I've had a fab day. I got a huge piece of card from a stationers' in town this morning and struggled to carry it back to the car, but a nice man helped me and it meant I didn't overtire myself, so I've been able to do loads. I've done some more lace, cut and decorated my art-book cover boards (just waiting for glue to dry before doing the spine next), written most of a letter to my bestie in some very exciting green ink and my favourite fountain pen, err what else? Oh yes, been to another town to spend a birthday voucher they kindly emailed me to remind me about before it expired and done a few more rows on my black v-neck jumper. I'm decreasing for the v-neck on the first side. :) Phew, that's a lot for me! :D


I'm going to watch a film now. :)

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Evening ladies. Here's a question for you - "What is the definition of Sod's Law?"


It's having one piece of border to do and decorating will be finished but you have run out of paste  :angry:


Leaving that until monday when DH will pop into turn to get some more but we are going to crack open a bottle of champers to celebrate - the whole house is now decorated and looks so clean and bright  :)


Think I will need a holiday to recover oh that's right I'm off in 2 weeks time to Hampshire - a lovely lodge.


Tonight its a shower then put my feet up take my tablets and do some hooky.


Eliza embroidery looks brilliant and love the pic of pom poms and the Mill. Hope you and DH feel better soon.


Linda birds can be a pest can't they. A bullfinch ate all the buds off one of my rhododendrons and a few off 3 others.


K&F we have had heavy rain this afternoon  but it cleared up. Your lace is amazing.  You certainly have been busy today.


Tracey have you had a good day knitting with lots of cuppas too?


Have a lovely evening everyone

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