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So warm and to top it all I have a sore throat and earache. .just what I need this busy weekend..just hope it goes quickly as under 2 weeks to wedding and then we go on holiday..a few stop overs ending with a week in Cornwall then a leisurely journey home ..hubby just gone to make a cuppa..he also has the bug. We have gone all winter virus free and get it now.Thought Iit may be hayfever at first but not now...grrrrr.. feel more llike a weekend in bed instead of guests and out partying.


Moan over..I am hoping some kind person may sort camera on tablet out for me over the weekend and I can post pics again.


Have a good Saturday.

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Got camera working, took one picture and it then said sorry camera not working ,, I give up for now.


post-483411-0-82562900-1466834459_thumb.jpg photo I managed to get, alternative embroidery, tree tops are crocheted onto fabric, trunks are part sewn part weaving, poppies are fabric stiffened with acylic, very much a trial WIP


Other problem is tablet keeps say "sorry internet has stopped", too frustrating.


have a crafty day.

post-483411-0-21558900-1466835076_thumb.jpeg mill yard

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Good morning all, very warm and still here, the flipping pigeons have eaten all the leaves off our crop of little cauliflower plants just the stalk left so we covered them with wire netting and will hope they grow some leaves from the stalks.


Everything else is doing well, the melons tomatoes and courgettes are loving the atmosphere in the poly tunnel


Eliza your alternative embroidery is fantastic and so unusual, I will have to look up on alternative embroidery I t looks as interesting as free form crochet to me. The mill I would love to visit sounds like a really interesting place for inspiration. And a good day out.


I have started what you might call an alternative crocheted tea cosy, no pattern just designing it as I go along to match the pink and green tea pot flower stand.


Well we are leaving the EU so "Rule Brittania". Let's get on with it and make the UK great again "all for one and one for all". I watched the Muskateers on catch up last night that was made on location in the Chzek republic it was very good and I enjoyed it.


Will go and do some more chores and carry on crocheting. Have a lovely day.

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Hello! It's raining here! :D I got into town, blue skies fading to filthy black, and been home 10-15 mins and the heavens opened. :)


Eliza, the alternative embroidery is gorgeous! Reminds me a little of the collage work we did at primary school. So much fun. I hope it helps you feel better. Very exciting to see the poms too - the mill buildings are beautiful. :)

Stakreem, my mind has gone blank - oh free-style crocheting! Enjoy yourself. :)


Fingers crossed there are 2 pics of my lace in progress: 1 with bobbins ready to start and the other with part done lace - you'll need to zoom in to see the pattern. :)



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Hello All. 😄

K&F - My pics usually come out sideways on here for some reason. 😳 I love your lace, it's fab. So pretty. 😄

Eliza - Hope you feel well soon. Love your alternative embroidery. The Mill Yard pics are great, it looks so interesting there. 😊

Linda - Hope you manage to save your cauliflowers. 😔

Have a lovely Saturday everyone. x

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