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Thought I'd pop on before guests arrive.


KnF alternative embroidery. .I may be wrong on general name but it was explained to me at an exhibition by a lady in Embroiders Guild. . You do parts as straight forward embroidery but then you do your own thing..I've use a crochet hook and yarn and.built up 3D effect on trees. .used acrylic paint on fabric and cut petals to build flowers.. it's s work in progress and no idea what I will do with it eventually but fun to pick up ..I'm now.quilting around trees..think basically you just let it flow and break all the rules.


Liz I have bought a small wedge heel sandal..very firm fitting and will put a very sensible pair in car to use later.


A car pulled up so looks liIkeahere endth the peace.


Enjoy your weekend..I may get back.

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Evening ladies.

Last night when I went to bed I set the correct time on our clock radio - or so I thought. Woke up this morning and it said 13.50   :wacko: . Thought I'm wide awake so may as well get up.

It was 5.50am but stayed up.


 I'm pleased to say we finished stripping  rest of bedroom. Two walls are papered - except for border.  DH has plastered one or two cracks and will be painting rest of skirting board ready to paper tomorrow.


There is only a bed and a chest with TV on in the room so will need rest of weekend to sort everything out. Just as well DS2 is away this week-end as he wouldn't be able to get in his bedroom  :lol:


DH bought a present for Sophie on tuesday but we haven't given it to her yet - waiting until after decorating finished. He bought a 100 piece wooden train set (she loves the one at nursery). It was reduced to .. drum roll.. £1.88  ^_^


I saw the same on on eb*y for £40 so was definitely a bargain.  I am going to crochet another Attic 24 bag to put it in. I previously made another for her Duplo.


After tea its feet up and some hooky.  Will make sure I correct time on clock radio and then have an early night.


Eliza  lots going on. You will have to take pics to show us.


Linda amazing pic of woodpecker


Liz its best to wear something you are comfy in as I said yesterday.


Have a lovely evening



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