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The weekend starts here?


shopping this morning and calling to swap a top I bought, no idea how I did it as I spent ages looking for right size and arrived home with one 2 sizes too small?


I'm getting very inspired by alternative embroidery, not done much as I'm so enjoying knitting but in between I am experimenting, no idea what I will do with it but fun to do.


got to get a wiggle on, have a crafty Friday

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Thought this may interest, as I have talked about our community weekend, this is just what the mill are doing, 2 churches and the retail area are also joining in on Saturday and on Sunday a big picnic in the park with live music and textile activities



Follow the colourful pom poms around the mill,

Art Market in the Spinning Mill Studios, Yard, and Finishing Room – Lots of unique and lovely stuff from local artists and makers. Terrariums. Clocks. Art. Prints. Jewellery. Glass. Ceramics. Macrame. Woodturning. Home accessories. Bags. T- Shirts. Retro. Painted furniture. We could go on – all to buy and more at the art market.


Open Studios in the Spinning Mill Studios – Arty activities and our studio holders show us what they do. Decorate a glass fish with the Glass Garden or help to make (and win) a community quilt


Open Archive – New displays. New discoveries in the Mills Archive.


Art Olympics in the Weaving Shed


Yarn Art in the Weaving Shed – Come and get creative


Scrap Creative in the Spinning Mill – Tinker, Make and Play. Build a never ending marble run.


Street Art – We open the Weaving Shed for family friendly activities.


Dovetailors – Decorate a wooden shape to your own inspiration!


Playtime at the Mill – Build a sandcastle in the Weaving Shed or play Connect Four in the Yard!


We invite you to Chill at the Mill with face painting, nail art, crazy golf, live music, ‘talk like a robot’, kids cocktail bar and the biggest game of twister ever seen! The famous TAM bar will be running through the afternoon followed by Sid Bowfin and Drum Machine in the evening.


Feed yourselves at the Mill


Street Food. Home Made Cake. Salads. Pizza. Thai. Moraccan. Bears Pantry. Mill Kitchen; in and around the Mill.


Ice-cream. Tea, Coffee and Cake in all the venues in the mill

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Good morning, what a lovely day it is down here, blue skies with a bit of a breeze, this is what happened just now a young woodpecker had a fight on the nut holder just out side our conservatory he lost the fight and mistakenly flew through the conservatory door I took a pic and guided him him out the door and he flew off I wonder if he will come to the nut feeder again.post-360483-0-03144200-1466754894_thumb.jpeg.

Eliza your so lucky to have such a community, we have nothing like that here in the south east that is so big with a variety of crafts, enjoy the weekend.


CN. I have had the same difficulty as you in finding a wedding out fit as mother of the bride, I am only 5ft.3inches, over weight but I have gone for long skirt which I always wear winter or summer a nice top with cap sleeves and a block heel to make me look taller, I have had my hair coloured a warm brown with streaks on Wednesday. Which makes me feel a bit younger . That's my style and although my 2daughters tried to get me in to something I was not used to I stood my ground and said this is me. You will find something you like soon just wear a pair of comfortable shoe or sand le that has a bit of a heel to make you look slimmer and taller.


My crochet parabolic flowers are going to be teapot stands with matching tea cosies so now to crochet or knit matching tea cosies that are different to the ordinary.


We'll have a great day I hope you all get sunshine I'll be watching Johanna Konta playing for Britain tennis at Eastbourne. BBL

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Morning ladies, lovely and sunny here but rain forecast for this afternoon. I've been busy both working and sorting out my retirement this week which fingers crossed is the end of July. I won't have a lot of extra time as I have decided to do my masters in English history. I wanted to do this or design when I first went to university 45 years ago but my mother wouldn't hear of it.

Sally-Ann has had her 20 week scan and I'm delighted to say there will be another granddaughter at the end of October. I don't know what Leah will make of her cousin she doesn't like me holding any other baby or toddler saying 'my nana not you'.


Linda I loved you different crochet and put it on my to try list. There is a site that shows all sorts of different flowers, I have put a pic of it below. Well done on sticking to your guns with your wedding outfit, you will feel comfortable and enjoy it more for that.


Eliza you do have a lot of craft places where you are, I very envious of you as we have one arts centre and that's it. I think clothes get put back on hangers where the tag says one size and it's a different one.


Back to the grind for a bit and then out to lunch with a client.

Have a great day x


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Hello. :) Lovely and sunny here at the mo. It keeps alternating between that and grey skies- it rained just a moment ago and now it's sunny again!


Eliza, what is alternative embroidery? It sounds interesting. Your art weekend thing sounds fantastic!

Stakreem, what an amazing opportunity to photograph a woodpecker - he's a splendid chap. Enjoy making your tea cosies.

Suzy, a masters in English history will be fascinating - what an exciting thing to have to look forward to.


I've been working this morning, doing some washing and ironing and making an Arne & Carlos art-journal book. I sewed the sections of pages together last night, then sewed the spine and then glued the spine this morning. Just now I glued the gauze on the dried spine to strengthen it.


Now I need to source some corrugated paper and some cover board, but I don't really have the energy for shops, so I'll look online. The next steps are making the cover and gluing to the book I've constructed, which will have to wait 'til I have those supplies. My first art journal is going to be on ideas for how I'd like my dream home to look/feel. It's to support another bigger project I'm going to do from a book I read called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. :)


Have a jolly afternoon all. :D

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Been shopping with Ruth today we got her hoop undershirt and a few other bits, I didn't even look at anything for myself


I hope you have a nice lunch Suzy, doing your masters is marvelous, my brain doesn't retain info these days, however your brain is still active with working, good luck


Eliza sounds like a marvelous weekend for you,hope it's nice weather


Linda thank you for the confidence boost, I imagined you were tall, I have decided on block shoes though as heels no use to me, I have pins and plates in my ankle,

I struggled and I really mean struggled I to a long dress I sent for on line, I got stuck and panicked hubby tried for ages to get me out of it...then once it was off I discovered a concealed zip ..lol but I have gone off the dress after all that


Friend up the road just phone asking if I want a coffee so I will finish off here bbc

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