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Good Morning Everyone. 😀

Just popped in quickly to catch up with all the news. 😊

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Su2ie. Wishing you all tons of happiness. Love and hugs for you and your family. 😊

Some lovely makes here too.....sorry I can't remember who made what. 😄

Have a lovely day all. x

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A quick coffee break..guests this weekend so craft room to guest room again.. hubby trying to patch up a fence the FiL arrived. .every thing that man does he makes into a drama...grrrr arrgggg..and calm.


It was all nothing he was stressing about but he just needs drama in his life and nobody has any troubles but him..he just told me Ihat I have nothing to worry about as I cope okay with everything !!! he is the one with problems as he jumps in his car to go dancing...


Day I can't laugh.. where's gin bottle?


Your quilts sound to be coming along Liz..I have a few WIPS just now but all tidy in fancy storage boxes and that seems to.be working..must be tidy space tidy mind or something.


Right back to transforming craft to guest..think it will stay as guest as they are back in 2 weeks..I.have put table and sewing machine in our.bedroom.. Looks.a mess but who cares..I can cope with anything in tge words of the almighty FiL.


Have a crafty day...

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Hello. :) Had a busy day. Work first, then out to lunch with OH to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, then picked up kitty's ashes from the vet and got a stationery fix at WHS on the way home. It's raining so we're going to wait 'til it stops before we put him under the crocosmias he always used to sit on and flatten! :lol:


I'm just sagging in a chair now. I'm worn out. PJ's finished btw, so I'll put a pic up when I've got more energy. :)


Happy crafternoon all. :)

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Evening ladies,


I have been out looking for wedding outfit again, if I was tall and slim then I wouldn't be having this problem, but I Am not, I am 5ft and overweight walk with a stick and use a wheelchair, so trying to find the elegant mother of the bride....

Is traumatic ( moan over)


Isn't it quiet on here Denise is decorating, and you are busy Eliza transforming your craft room,


Happy anniversary k&f, hope you had a lovely day


Will catch you all tomorrow

Edited by crafty nannie

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Evening ladies.



Made some Queen cakes with Sophie this morning. She loves making cakes and gets very excited if I ask her "do you want to make some cakes"  :)


After dinner been helping DH as best as I can to move furniture around in our bedroom.


The decorating has started yippee. DH managed to paint the ceiling - 2 coats - and glossed the door surround (door already painted when we did DS2's room) and skirting board on 2 walls.


Tomorrow the wallpaper will be done on these two walls then skirting board on next wall will be painted ready for saturday.  Roll on monday when we hope it will be done  :)


This evening just been resting and doing some hooky - bonding squares.


Eliza enjoy having your guests and try and ignore FIL . You have your own health problems which you have coped with admirably.


K&F happy anniversary to you and Mr K&F  :) Hope you feel a bit perkier tomorrow.


Liz you need something mid calf length and floaty - well not tight fitting.  Maybe a dress with a jacket that can be removed if you get too warm.  You'll find something eventually.


Need an early night - mind you DH will probably be watching voting results.


Goodnight all

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