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Morning all..... I sewed 2 tops from the silk fabric so for £10 in pure silk bargain..they take up so little room I can take them on holiday. I sat in the garden doing hand rolled hems.


Hubby is removing loads in the garden..plans to do some work on the boundaries as well as he kept loads back from the building work.. it should look good. He's just chopping away and a wood pile is building..shame we don't have a wood burner..we do have a chimnea from the days when we partied more.


Have a crafty day..my phone has gone dark needs charging

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Hello everyone,

The tops sound a great idea for holiday Eliza, like you say they take so little space, plus you can rinse them through on holiday and they dry very quickly.


It doesn't take long to a garden to get out of hand does it, my husband was complaining because he has some camellia bushes at the side of the house, they didn't do too well this last winter because it got down so low -20C he had covered them but it wasn't enough. He ended up digging them up and he planted four new ones or a hardier variety, but forgot after all his hard work digging and weeding that area, to put something down to stop the weeds and a month on the weeds were as high as the bushes. We have just had the right amount of sun and rain for the weeds to grow in abundance. He has weeded it all again now and put some mulch down now.


LInda I like your crochet flowers, what do you plan on using them for?


Sorry you're not feeling so well K&Q hope you get your pj's finished. 


Yesterday Alia showed all the symptoms of ear ache, but when she went to the doctors the doctor said she seemed fine, so we don't know why she was having the symptoms, maybe a molar coming through?


I have given up on the travel cot i had for Alia and bought a new one, my husbands idea, he saw how frustrated with the old one I was. I don't have space for a wooden cot, and I wanted something I could move about and use as a playpen if I needed so had bought a travel cot. Well they aren't even called that anymore now it's a 'pack and play' ?? Most of them come as a basic cot, with a higher level cot/bassinet plus a baby sleeper that fits on the top and sometimes a baby changer too. The one I bought originally i bought because it said simple press button to fold. Made it sound like clicking one button would fold it down, I knew it would need other steps but they made it sound easy. It wasn't. First of all each side had a button that released two different parts of each side rail, you had to release each side in turn, when you got part way around it would start to collapse and you either had to take the weight of it or sit on the floor (not going to happen with my leg) to do the rest. The whole thing weighed about 25lb so it was heavy to hold and required a lot of bending over before it was finished, often one already completed side rail locked back in position and had to be redone, then you had to pull up on a central cord to pull the whole thing closed, At this point you had to support it and hold it all closed while wrapping the mattress around it to keep it all together. That is without the bassinet or baby napper and changer once folded only the main part fit in the bag the other things had no where to go. The other problem was it was on legs, which meant the rails had to be a certain height to stop a baby from climbing out plus the height of the legs meant it was too high for me to actually be able to reach the base of it to get Alia out of it. My daughter struggled too. It was such a nightmare to fold up i'd been pushing it into my sewing area and not folding it down. I was at the point where I was going to get rid of my sewing table. 


Well my husband said just spend the money and get a better one, I'd already spent $200 on the first so I'd put off doing that. But I found a new one, oh my such a relief, the new one is only 13lb to fold it you just squeeze the two longest rails in a certain place and it sort of Z folds in on itself, it's light enough that I can lift it up to fold the legs I say legs but they just shape the base of it, the cot actually has it's base on the floor making it easier for me to reach Alia. It doesn't have the extra paraphanalia though I heard you can buy a bassinet that fits into it, that folds with the main cot. The mattress fits into the bag which holds the bag open, the main cot then fits into the bag inside the mattress and then zips up, The best part is there is a zip so you can unzip a hole in one side of the cot, for a young baby that isn't sleeping well you can (if you're a 20 year old mom) climb half in the cot to sort of lie next to the baby to calm down, or sit on the floor to feed them then just pass them through the hole into the cot easier than lowering them into it. However with Alia it means i can undo that and she can crawl in and out of the cot when she's playing so she sees it as fun rather than a cage she is stuck in. Her brother was crawling in with her on Saturday like their own little fort and had great fun. because the mattress is on the floor there is no weight limit. 


My only regret is I didn't change the cot 9 months ago. 


well have a great day everyone

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Afternoon ladies , is the nice weather stopping everyone from posting I wonder?


I have been out most of the day , we took dogs out this morning then went food shopping had to visit several shops for loads of little bits , dropped shopping off and picked Ruth up from work then picked niamh up from school, finally home and just got washing off the line as it's turned real dark,


Eliza your tops are so practical for holiday how was the silk for sewing with, where are you off to on holiday?


Sarah the whole travel cot / playpen thing I remember it well

I could never reach the bottom of it with my grandchildren the bassinet on top was great but otherwise you need to be a young mummy or wait till the child is able to pull themselves up so you can get them back out of there


Hope you are all well

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Hello.. just got home..rather tired


The new cot sounds really good Sarah. .here's hoping it makes things easier.


Liz the silk wasn't bad to sew..I used a fine needle and sewed slow..kept losing bits as it slid when I wasn't looking..also had to tack as pins dropped out once I realised that I was ok.


Off to get s cool shower as it was hot n stuffy on bus.


Enjoy your evening, hopefully tv back to normal soon.

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Evening ladies had another busy day wallpaper stripping. Trouble is once you strip the walls you find cracks that have either appeared or you have forgotten about them. 

Luckily DH had a bag of plaster in his shed.


I sorted things whilst moving stuff around in the bedroom and filled a big black bag of stuff to throw out  :o  Am I a secret hoarder or what ?


Eliza it will be lovely to have the garden done


Sara my DIL has a travel cot and unfortunately when Sophie was laying down I couldn't reach her - short arms  :lol:


Liz how are your quilts coming along?


Resting with my feet up and doing a bit hooky


Hope you are all having a lovely evening



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