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Morning all


Another day at home today so I will sew then tidy as before the end of the week craft room has to be guest room and again in 2 weeks so I may leave it .. I can sew in our room if neccesary..I also hope to sit in garden a while as forecast is good..


Hubby is taking down a wisteria that was a minature but isn't. .the garden is looking so much bigger and lighter..everything needs taming..garden has been neglected and it shows. . Over winter he is going to tackle apple and pear trees which 40 years ago were bought as minatures but they must be 12 foot and as wide..apple fruits well but pear is a waste of space. It blossoming is too early every year the frost..wind or rain gets it .


Sewing Bee didn't inspire me last night..can't belive semi final next week. Wonder who will win ...? Think it could be anyone.


Happy Tuesday. .be crafty

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Having trouble getting on here so slow, unless it's our broadband I really don't know. Sun is shinning a real nice day. I have been crocheting a sun flowers and found loads of patterns under the heading of parabolic crochet were all the crochet folds in on itself, I have put pics on the crochet corner, but here is the nearly finished sun flower another row of trebles then a row of green double crochet and it's finished. I am going to see if there are any parabolic animals to do other than a fish and corals.


Sewing bee I caught up on this morning as I was watching England play last night. Very enjoyable I new who was going from the start. And have my own idea who will win. Missed the muskateers also have to catch up on that too.


Have a crafty day


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Evening ladies, it's been nice here today

I went into town to get my hair cut and post a parcel

( another dress gone back ) it seemed a shame not to enjoy a steak meal whilst in town at pub chain, so no meal.to cook this evening


Linda your crochet is lovely well done


K&f try to pace yourself, it's good you are sewing though


Eliza the garden is quickly overgrown this time of year

my hubby planted lots of trees and shrubs, and now they are so high and wide, I prefer tubs but he is a law unto himself


Hope everyone is well

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Been a very busy day.  We have been moving furniture out of our bedroom and started stripping the walls.  


DIL went out with her friend and asked me to give Sophie her tea, then her bus broke down. I sat and read with Sophie then gave her a cup of warm milk, which she has every night, then her mam got back about 6.50 just in time for Sophie's bath and bedtime.


I've been extra achey today so haven't done much this evening except to make some crochet bonding hearts. The charity I support will be 2 years old in September and have set a challenge to make 5,000 bonding squares, triangles and hearts.


Anyone interested I can pass on the details of sizes and patterns etc.


Linda crochet is amazing


Eliza I totally forgot about GBSB - will have to watch it on catch up - ideal really as nothing else on tv at the moment.


Hope the rest of your evening is enjoyable.

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