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Hi ladies had a lovely bbq with my kids yesterday and hubby.but today back to rain it seems ti be easying off.got the machine on today making a lace flower to stuck on a box I have done.went in hobby craft over weekend and got some image transfer I haven't been that successful so far it didn't really work on a candle that well.but have ordered something off ebay that's says its for soap or candles to add patterns etc not sure how it works if anyone knows so more info would be great can you use a printer to put picture on it?my phone is being silly wont let me go back and correct my spelling sorry.x


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Congratulations Mr & mrs Suzie. .I noticed a DH.in there as well. Hope he gets his IBS sorted. Did the girls enjoy the surprise?


Made a silk top..the fabric is grey with tiny navy and beige leaves.. I made a floaty top with short full sleves and there is enough lefy to make.a T shaped top..not as much fabric as I thought as it had damages on it..not worried though as £10 and 2 tops..bargain.


Liz there must be a suitable outfit out there..fingers crossed you find one..what colour are you looking for.


Have a good evening. .sports wear on sewing bee ..

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had a nice chatty lunch ,and the rain came heavy,so home now and chilling with cuppa


Su2ie I guessed on Friday when you said you were away to get nails done, then your comment yesterday confirmed my suspicion, let's see some photos, when did girls find out?

What colour were their dresses ? Best wishes to hubby and you


Great you got a top made Eliza, you don't hang about, Mrs speedy on the job, lol, I am fed up with dress idea as I am happiest in joggers I am not a formal person, it's all about comfort at my age, I love my pjs and slippers, so the pressure is on . Ruth was a late baby I was 40 when I had her

Due to second marriage, my eldest daughter is 52 so they want to update me fashion wise


Hope you get images sorted Lisa, I don't know about printers


Good news on strawberry patch Linda, yum yum


Have a nice evening , I am either starting buttonholes or embroidery again


How's the wedding quilt Linda??

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Hello, I spoke to soon yesterday when I said it was fine, since about 5pm it's rained for 24 hours again. We were ok but so much more flooding all around.


Congratulations Suzie and now dh, love and happiness to all of you. I bet Alex and Ellie we're excited and plenty to tell at school of their weekend.


Liz if you like trousers how about an Indian style long top and trousers with an over the shoulder scarf/stole thing. It's very fashionable at the moment and there are some beautiful designs. Again a dressmaker could make one for you.


Denise it takes me back cutting shapes out for pictures. I've put a wet play day box together ready for the summer holidays from preschool, I don't think Lisa may be happy that I've put polymer clay and air dried clay in the box oops.

Your quiche sounds lovely and so much lighter without pastry and using cottage cheese. You will have to post the recipe on the baking thread.


Your top sounds Eliza, you will have to get your camera sorted.


Lisa sorry I can't help you, I leave that sort of thing to the kids to do for me.


Linda yum yum home grown strawberries and like the ripple pattern.


I'm going to do a bit more of Leah's blanket if it cools down a bit as its so muggy now. I have finished the eight sets of boots for charity sales and going to try a new child's hat pattern.

Have a good evening


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Thanks everyone!  I don't have any pics yet as they're all on DH's computer and I will have to choose carefully as we don't actually like to put pics of the girls online.  The dresses were a turquoise green colour.  DH had a bit of IBS on the morning but the tablets are starting to kick in now thankfully!  We didn't tell the girls until a few days before and they were mega excited :P I have to say I'm glad we pulled it off. 1 month to prepare and on a tight budget but we managed it!


Anyhow it sounds like everyone has had a very productive day with sewing and knitting and crochet.


Well I'm going now - football is just about to begin & I do like to watch the England matches.


Have a great evening all x

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