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Morning.. I'm still in bed but I have the urge to sew

.I may start on my liberty silk..there is loads of it but I don't want a dress so may make a floaty top and a blouse. .need to look for ideas..thought if I can wear them together or separate. . A plea has gone out for more poms after a trial run yesterday,don't think I'm in the mood.


KnF ..I would tell them in the fabric shop..trades description and all that..could you not wear a cotton top under ?


Keep crafting... happy summer..seems it's it's official according to calendar I just hope the sun gets the message.

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Good morning, rain rain rain, thats all we have had , so I am sitting here crocheting a winter blanket in ripple .

Denise the 2 patterns you asked about on crocheting the ripple stitch are both ravelry down loads they are called pin wheel pillow pattern by Morgan Forrester. And. Sorry went to have a look at what the other one was called. It is vintage rippling blocks by Angela Maria. Both free.


Well the boiler service man has gone so now I can have a cup of tea and cake and get on on with the day. The wind is really blowing and rain coming down in torrents it's like winter but I shall enjoy England in the euros and Wales as well hope they both go through. My WIP winter blanket made with super chunky chenille


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Afternoon ladies I've been crafting of sorts this morning. Cut out lots of coloured shapes for Sophie who made a picture of granny's house and granddads grass with flowers. Also butterflies in the sky.


She took it home for her mam.


Eliza floaty top and blouse sounds nice - what colour is your fabric?


Linda thanks for info on patterns. Your blanket will be lovely in the winter. Mind you the way the weather is you might use it before then


Off to make some healthy quiches ( no pastry and using cottage cheese instead of normal cheese)


Have a lovely crafty day folks


Take care

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Hello, dull here might rain

I am meeting my eldest daughter for lunch, so popped on briefly


Another 3 dresses sent for I have lost count now how many I have tried ..watch this space


Ripple blanket will keep you cosy Linda as we don't have Sun


Eliza hope you decide what to make with your liberty silk


Must go and get my shoes on bbl

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Afternoon :)


Just thought I'd nip on here before work.  Had a lazy morning after I dropped the girls off at school.  Very wet here too!  I soon changed from a skirt to jeans after I looked out the window.


Eliza making two tops sounds like a good plan

Linda the wool looks lovely and snuggly!

Goose I wish I knew where to get goat's cottage cheese to make healthy quiche - enjoy

Liz enjoy your lunch out :P


Psst, I'm now a Mrs!  Well done to Liz for working it out yesterday ;)

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Congratulations Mrs Su2ie I guess you had a lovely day can we have photos of your bouquet, and I also hope DH has a diet that suits his IBS. So he doesn't feel sick anymore.


CN fingers crossed for a wedding outfit that you like.


Still raining hopefully will go by 3oclock, and I can pick more strawberries have already picked 2lb and it's a week before Wimbledon.

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