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Two new ways to crochet

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I have just discovered how to do a basket weave ripple blanket instead of doing the corner to corner basket weave blanket I have done it in a ripple. It is a free pattern on ravelry to down load. I have done two blocks of six just as a sample.post-360483-0-11579100-1466327235_thumb.jpeg


The next one is a crochet ripple blanket done in the round gather at the peaks and looks like a big flower could be a cushion cover. With this one you join 154chain continues e to ripple crochet do about 2inches and then gather the peeks in with a piece of yarn and pull tight together. The folds naturally fold and you can carry on crocheting.post-360483-0-20887500-1466327555_thumb.jpegpost-360483-0-88672600-1466327567_thumb.jpeg

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Interesting Linda thanks for sharing. Will have to check out ripple pattern.


Thanks for sharing



ETA couldn't find it - Linda do you have a link or name of pattern please

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