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Morning, still not got camera sorted, I've given up for now, been a bit of a stressful time recently without adding to it


next weekend its the community weekend, poms are being assembled ready to tumble, I will get a photo of that via someone's phone or camera, we are having a craft circuit training, where you can move around a room trying various crafts, can't think what else but loads ending on the sunday with a family picnic in the park with yarn bombing. On the Saturday night we are going to a ...??.. not sure a concert, its a bit alternative, comedy mixed with music, last one had deep sea divers doing river dance ! Er yes well.... I have jewellery to make yet, mini pom necklace and earrings, plan A was going to make lots to sell for funds but as it's less thsn a week to go I doubt I'll get them made


I do think the sun is peeping out. Have a good sunday, hope the floods didn't damage anyones property.

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Hi everyone,


Eliza you have a busy week ahead, don't overdo things

The sun is out here but some clouds around,hubby is pottering in the garden


Well another wedding outfit is unsuitable so the search goes on, isn't it lucky I started early


Been a funny past week I seem to have been busy but achieved nothing, we were at our local theatre the other night as the armature group did there summer show, it was brilliant they always perform the Christmas panto too


I did read everyone's posts yesterday but I have forgotten most of it ..haberdashery bought , techno problems ,a hug blanket, floods oh dear , Sophie visit, Tracey knitting , sorry if I missed anyone


Not sure what the rest of day holds, happy fathers day to all dads, have a good sunday

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Afternoon all :)


We were going to go out for father's day but DH is feeling a bit under the weather today so he's watching the airshow on his computer.  Just having a relaxing day in although at some point I will have to iron the girls uniforms.


Eliza your community weekend sounds great!  Hope you manage to sort your camera soon.


Liz how many dresses have you tried now???  Good luck with the continued search.


Have a great crafty weekend folks and happy father's day too :D

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A sign that the holiday is over and I had Alia back this week, i don't think I've had the opportunity to get on and post all week. She has been delightful but yet a handful. It's like she is too curious about everything to stop for a nap, she didn't have one nap for me all week. Saturday morning i slept until 10am which is something I never do but I was so worn out. 


She made me laugh with her sense of humour though, so I'll take a bit of tiredness. I have some mini Wade figures on my desk, just cheap things that came out of a brand of tea that my husband has. Alia likes to ask to look at them, (she's not talking but she gestures and points) I always pass her one and tell her to be careful and she holds it so carefully and inspects it and passes it back and asks for the next one. That is until I got to the snowman one, she obviously took a liking to that one and held onto it for a while, she was being careful and she was sat on my lap so I let her. After a while though she almost absent mindedly went to put it in her mouth and I told her no, two minutes later she grinned a mischevious grin and put it close to her mouth again but instead 'pretended' to eat it while say nommmmm while looking sideways at me waiting for my reaction. :D :D


Eliza the pom poms from the church sound amazing, pity you can't get video of it on here, I hope you have a great day after all the planning and crafting you have put into it.


I hope you find the perfect wedding outfit soon CN and I hope you are at least enjoying trying on the ones that didn't work out. 


Linda I did see a picture you posted of your wedding outfit one day and it was lovely, I really liked the dress.


I hope DH is feeling better soon Suzie and I know my husband will prefer a day off rather than going out somewhere so I hope DH enjoys his day relaxing. 


It's my husbands birthday soon and I asked him what he wanted, he just keeps saying a day off and 'rest', he does work very hard and some long hours sometimes. His office always seem to have a deadline for something or other and when he's at home they often call him to 'just look over this or that' so I have been thinking of buying him a hammock for the garden. He has often mentioned one in passing, not actually asked for one but just sort of said 'if I had a hammock..... or you could put a hammock here ..... or I could make a hammock with this..... I think I will order it today so it arrives in the week while he's at work.


The weather has cooled from 90+ F to 80+ F which is far more tolerable, my daughter is coming over so I think we will sit out on the deck and enjoy the weather. I hope everyone there gets nicer weather and KQ I hope your floods aren't too disruptive and clear soon.


Have a great day everyone

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I'd forgotten it was fathers day..although ive not had a dad for 34 years.. I did have FiL here for a meal midweek and gave him a card..hubby would never remember. .our son sent a card midweek so that's been sat waiting to go up then we were out my mobile went and it was our daughter...trying to get hold of dad..penny dropped. . Anyway all's well we are meeting them tuesday for steak deal..meeting our son Wednesday. . So 2 meala less to cook.. home now and I'm doing a roast beef dinner .


I'm attempting to make some easy finger puppets from felt..trying to find bits to go in my handbag for grandchildren at wedding....bought a frog you squeeze and a long tongue sticks out.. .keeping a terrible two boy quite! ! said to DiL everyone will have littke clutch bags with lipstick..hankie and confetti and ours will be full of toys to ammuse during speeches..she said don't you throw the frog at the bride by mistake.


Suzie you may be as well at home..all the places we passed looked very busy..


Sarah..sounds fun your having..when Sophia was that age she was after a cushion I have that has pearls on..I said no..she looked at me pretended to twist a pearl then put her ear to it as though she was listening to music and was saying shhhhhh.


Liz..sounds a struggle your having outfit wise..fingers crossed for you.


Right better mix the Yorkshire puds and find out a very nice bottle of red wine I have been saving..


And I'll do some knitting. .the finger puppets and pom jewellery is being made in my craft room..I'm in kitchen cooking. .easy meal..a certain frozen aunt has sorted the roast potatoes and.veg is all ready. Dessert strawberries and raspberries I just bought at half price..forgot the cream but have some nice icecream.


Stay crafty

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Afternoon ladies, shhhhh it's lovely here, sunny and presently warm. I'm at my non mum and dads (M&C's ) and escaped to the summer house while the others are watching the F1. Dan fetched me so I can have a drink and before we came here I was in Lisa's garden, Leah sat with me on the bench. She told me that the plaque on the back was for her grandad (Tony) in the sky who looks after her. No time for me to get upset as n the next breath she pinched my phone running off shouting "I'm a cheeky monkey".

Had to laugh at an item on our news, a lady from Gotham (pronounced Goat-em) on the edge of Nottingham rang the flood line only to be told her address doesn't exist! only Gotham in NYC. Gotham from Batman does originate from our Gotham after Washington Irvine read a book from 1565 about the mad men of Gotham and nick named parts of NY as this. Bill Finge changed the name in the film because of this. But to tell someone can't live where they do but a fictional town does beggars belief. The mad men came about when King John (of Robin Hood times) was going to ride through Gotham and the village enclosed a bush with a fence so a cuckoo from escaping. They also said many more fools passed through Gotham than reman in it. King John didn't go there and they didn't have to pay him enormous taxes, who was the fool? End of history lesson lol.


Eliza your community weekend sounds wonderful, I wish we had something like that. I'm making huge Pom poms for a mum and baby friendly cafe in Arnold that is going to have a sensory room for babies and children. Muuuum er.... A concert with men doing the ever dance in diving gear sounds like a bad dream lol. Eliza there are loads of finger puppets on line if you do a Google search, I have a felt pattern set for a circus which I keep saying I will do


Liz just had a brainwave or not! Could you find a dressmaker who could make what you would like? It might cost more but you would be comfy and look good at the same time. I think am dram do so wonderful productions, we are blessed with a brilliant one.


Suzie I do sympathise with you do and his IBS, I have it as part of the whole fibromyligoa package. I have completely changed my diet cutting out any red meat, eating more veg, no refined flour products or processed foods like burgers, cooked meats or bacon. I also eat a lot of fish and find (touch wood) I haven't had many flare ups for ages. Enjoy your day out, it must be lovely to celebrate it with your dad this year.


Sarah, Alia sounds a right character, of course everything leads to her mouth at her age. A hammock sounds a great birthday gift for your hubby especially if it can be hung in the shade away from the scorching sun. It's been hot here but nothing like your tamperatures, I don't know how you bear it. i hope your health is improving.


I better go in and put the kettle on else I will be moaned at. Have a great Father's Day xx

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