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WWKIP Saturday

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Hello, fingers crossed the rain has stopped, we were very lucky at work as the flooding stopped literally yards from our door. The pub in the photo is more or less next door to us. Nottingham uni was also hit with walls of water, this isn't a cascade but the steps going down to the library which was also flooded. That was Thursday then yesterday we couldn't get into work because of an accident between a car and motorcycle where they had to close the road in both directions. I will be glad when this week is out of the way. This little engine puffed into Nottingham Station which lifted my spirits especially as it stayed for a little while and with not many there we could get a good look around her.


Linda I watched Tim Peake on catch up, a wonderful moment, his family must be both relieved and very proud t have him home.


I like your chemise K&F, it looks very stylish. Don't go overdoing it and set your health back.


Eliza I knew it was world wide knit in public day, no good around here as everything is still sopping wet.


I'm going to look for a baby pattern I want to knit in a slip stitch pattern, I was sure it was in a folder but no so I will look in the next hide hole where I put them


Have a good afternoon.





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Eliza, hope you had a good knit in your kitchen.

Goose, glad your bestie is doing OK and hope the op sorts her scar out.

Suzy, wow that's some flooding!


Went out for lunch today with OH to a pub we like a couple of villages from us. As we drove past the village hall I saw a lace day advertised, so we popped in afterwards and had a great time looking at hand painted bobbins, lots of ladies sat round working complex pieces and stalls - OH got me some varigated coton perlé in a few colours, which I spent the afternoon trying out. I haven't made lace for years and had to remind myself of the basics. I need to work on my finishing off as I find that bit fiddly. :)


I'm going to veg in front of the telly this evening as all that crafting has worn me out! :)

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wow Suzy you have been lucky where the floods are concerned.


If my bestie hadn't had a black out and fell down the stairs she probably wouldn't have known about the cancer. She is a chunky woman and the lump was deep and she wouldn't have been able to feel it.


I keep telling her she doesn't do things by halves and we do have a bit of a laugh about it.  :lol:


K&F you will have to post some pics of your lace


Off to bed now


Goodnight all

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